Teresa Giudice Sparks Debate Over Her Claims About Ex-Husband Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice

NBCUniversal Teresa Giudice

On November 22, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice spoke on her podcast about her ex-husband Joe Giudice‘s temperament but some of her comments left fans with raised eyebrows.

In the episode, Giudice told her “Namaste B$tches” podcast co-host Melissa Pfeister that when she was married to Joe Giudice, he “never yelled.”

“When we used to be married, he never yelled,” Giudice shared. “My kids didn’t grow up with yelling in the house. And then Louie [Ruelas]’s even calmer… I mean Joe would speak and curse but not at me, it’s just the way he talked. Like he would curse when he talked.”

Pfeister asked if Giudice meant, “like shut the f*** up” as an example, and she replied, “Not to me, Just always when he talks he uses the f*** word a lot, yeah. Like if you have a conversation with Joe, he curses a lot. My father hated that, you know, you could have a conversation without cursing.”

The clip of the conversation was posted on the podcast’s Instagram account, captioned, “During this week’s #NamasteBitches, @teresagiudice and @melissapfeister talk their husbands’ temperaments and how gratitude plays a major part in their lives.” However, fans took to the comments to express confusion and recall moments on RHONJ when Joe Giudice cursed at his then-wife.

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Many Fans Commented on the Clip & Disagreed With Teresa Giudice’s Claims About Her Ex-Husband

Many fans commented on the clip and expressed confusion at her comments, with one person writing, “Lol are you kidding me we watched him call you I see you next Tuesday on live TV. Please save it for somebody who has amnesia lol.” Someone else wrote, “Are you delusional?? She’s lying to everyone. All of you that thinks she isn’t the problem I sure hope this proves she is or you are just as delusional !!!!”

Someone else wrote, “She does remember that she had cameras in her house, right??” Another commented, “Are you serious? We all watched Joe yell and call everyone names.” However, some listeners defended Giudice, including one who pointed out, “But he was calm about it, not yelling. Is what Teresa is saying.”

Several Commenters Referenced an Incident Between Joe Giudice & Teresa Giudice on RHONJ Season 4

One of the notable moments referenced by fans in their comments occurred during season 4 when the Giudices took a family trip to Napa Valley. Joe Giudice stepped away for some moments to speak to someone on the phone, at which point the RHONJ star came to look for him.

“Here she comes my b**** wife,” Joe Giudice said to the person on the phone. “She’s such a c***.” After Giudice asked her husband who he was speaking to on the phone, he replied, “Don’t be a f****** pain in the a**.”

At the time the episode aired, Teresa Giudice wrote on her blog that she felt “sick” when she watched it. She claimed he’d never called her those names before and he told he he didn’t even remember saying it. “Believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together,” she wrote. She also said cameras and alcohol were a bad combination and claimed her then-husband had apologized to her.

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