Wendy Williams Goes Off on Teresa Giudice’s Relationship

Wendy Williams

Getty Wendy Williams in 2017

Wendy Williams isn’t holding back on her opinion on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice and her beau. Giudice has been romantically linked to her boyfriend, Luis “Louie” Ruelas since September. It seemed like a fairytale until a recent report from Page Six surfaced.

In court documents obtained by the publication, Ruelas’ ex-fiancée, a woman named Vanessa Reiser, claimed that Ruelas would “punish” her if she didn’t meet his sexual needs. “He demanded that I be available for sex whenever he wanted,” Reiser alleged in the court papers. “If I objected to his demands, Luis Ruelas would punish me. He would be nasty, withdraw from me, and blame me for what happened.”

A source also told the publication more alleged details about Ruelas’ relationship with another ex named Paula Sanchez. “Ninety-nine percent of their fights were because he was complaining that they weren’t having enough sex,” the source told Page Six. “If they had sex like four times in one day, there was a complaint.”

Williams got into the allegations on her show Tuesday, April 20. “It’s been alleged that he wants it from Tre [Giudice] up to four times a day,” Williams said. “So Tre, there are two women who have come out and then you’re there with Luis, and I know that you’re a sexual being and you and juicy Joe [Giudice] used to have sex all the time and stuff like that, but just because you’re a sexual being, doesn’t mean you actually want sex not even every day.”

She continued saying, “Teresa, I know you’re not going to have sex with him four times a day, and if you continue with this relationship, just know that people are going to be staring at you like, ‘I wonder if they did it here there, whatever.’ And then every time you say you had sex, people are going to be thinking you’re lying…because she’s trying to keep up this thing.”

Williams concluded her thoughts saying the sex demands would be a “dealbreaker” for her. “You’ve gotta get up in the morning, you’ve gotta focus,” Williams joked. “Plus Tre has four children and a lifestyle to maintain, she’s gotta tape the show, she’s gotta maintain her beauty, she wants to do her yoga…no that’s a dealbreaker.”

Andy Cohen Also Dished His Thoughts on Ruelas

Cohen appeared on the same episode of the “Wendy Williams Show,” and he also gave his two cents on the relationship drama. “I did meet him, actually,” Cohen told Williams. “I saw your hot topics, you were reporting on the story that I read about too, I talked to her about it at the reunion, I might add.”

He added, “Here’s what you have to know. If you watch Jersey housewives closely, Teresa said that she was looking for a man who would make love to her three times a day. She said it on the show, and so, if it is true that this man wants sex four times a day, this guy maybe is made for her. I mean, honestly. Who knows?”

Williams Brought Up Joe Giudice’s Girlfriend as Well

Teresa Giudice wasn’t the only Giudice who Williams was gushing about. The talkshow host also brought up the recent trip that the whole family – including Ruelas – took to the Bahamas.

“Joe had dinner with Teresa and Luis recently in the Bahamas,” Williams noted. “The girls are there and Joe did say it was kinda awkward, ya know what do you do, you walk into a room and there’s your ex-wife with her boyfriend? But I think this is good for the kids, it’s a good sacrifice for them to make that sacrifice.”

Williams then discussed how Joe Giudice’s girlfriend didn’t make the trip. Williams joked, “Joe, you should’ve brought your girlfriend though, and then been rubbing on her and stuff and then it’d be a rub off at the table…But this is good for him, because Italy is his primary residence, so he’s trying to have his reality show or whatever he’s gonna do w the rest of his life.”

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