‘Star Trek’ Actress Marina Sirtis Blames Trump Supporters For Her Move to the UK

Actress Marina Sirtis arrives for the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival & Exposition launch event, 06 October 2006 at the Shrine Auditorium

Robyn Beck/Getty Images Actress Marina Sirtis arrives for the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival & Exposition launch event, 06 October 2006 at the Shrine Auditorium

“Star Trek” actress Marina Sirtis blamed American politics for her move back to the UK in a recent interview with the British publication The Big Issue. Sirtis announced that she was planning to move back to the UK on her Twitter account in January of 2021. She said “goodbye America” just over a month later, at the end of February.

Though she gave multiple reasons for her move via Twitter posts and replies, Sirtis was clear from the getgo that America’s political landscape was among the top reasons she was headed home.  Recently, Sirtis expanded on her reasoning.

Living in Fear

Sirtis has always been outspoken about her political beliefs. Her Twitter account is often filled with tweets and retweets about politics. Her replies often turn into heated political debates. So, it’s easy to see where she stands on the political spectrum. Sirtis has also been vocal about her distaste for former president Donald Trump and the people who supported him.

In her interview with The Big Issue, Sirtis explained that Trump supporters had gotten so out of control she was actually scared to live in the United States.

“They are the reason I’ve come home actually, I can’t be in that country anymore. January 6 did it for me. When we had an insurrection in Washington, a bunch of lunatics trying to overturn the election. I was worried that there was going to be a civil war. And his supporters have guns… I just had enough after 35 years. Why am I here and miserable and scared? You know, my husband, God rest him, used to sleep with a loaded gun by the side of the bed. That’s no way to live.”

Sirtis was referring to the Capitol Riots that took place in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. She went on to say that Trump had exposed the “evil” in the United States population and that living there was tantamount to supporting that evil.

Politics in ‘Star Trek’

In the same interview, Sirtis talked about how “Star Trek” has always been a political show and expressed her confusion about Republicans Trekkers.

“It doesn’t make sense. They obviously aren’t watching the same show that everyone else is watching.”

In 2019, she made similar comments about Republican Trek fans, which garnered intense backlash online. However, that didn’t stop her from insisting that “Star Trek” doesn’t align with Republican politics.

In fact, it’s a common topic on her Twitter account. Sirtis often engages with fans who claim that politics don’t have a place in “Star Trek,” insisting that “Star Trek’s” creator, Gene Roddenberry, always intended for the show to have political themes.

A Lightning Rod for Controversy

This is hardly the first time that Sirtis’ comments about politics have made her a lightning rod for controversy. It’s not even the first time in 2021.

Shortly before she moved back to the UK, Sirtis found herself at the center of a Twitter war about the winter weather crisis that happened in Texas in February. Sirtis posted a series of tweets that appeared to lay the blame for the crisis at the feet of Texas voters. She asserted that if Texans hadn’t voted for Republican representatives, the state would have been prepared for a climate-driven crisis.

When fans and public figures called her out, with many pointing out that Texas’s record of electing Republicans is largely due to gerrymandering, Sirtis doubled down. She essentially responded that Texans were getting what they deserved for not voting for Democratic representatives.

Though Sirtis is now living in the UK, she still frequently talks and tweets about American politics.

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