Sunny Ozell, AKA Mrs. Patrick Stewart, to Cameo on ‘Picard’

Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell

Getty Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, attend a 'Star Trek: Picard' event together.

The team behind “Star Trek: Picard” is really making the show a family affair. It’s already been announced that the famously tight-knit cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” — Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Gates McFadden — will reunite for the third and final season of “Picard.” That news broke on April 5, 2022, from Variety and other outlets. Now, it’s also been revealed that Stewart’s wife, the singer Sunny Ozell, will make a guest appearance on “Star Trek: Picard.” And the wait will not be long at all. Ozell will turn up in “Monsters,” the seventh episode of the show’s second season, which will be available to stream April 14 on Paramount+.

Dr. Jurati Wanders Into a Bar And…

According to an “Entertainment Tonight” and “Entertainment Tonight Online” report on April 12, Ozell will portray “a singer at a bar that Dr. Agnes Jurati wanders into. The singer-songwriter performs one of her original songs off her 2020 album, ‘Overnight Lows,’ in the guest spot.”

The album was her sophomore effort, released on February 28, 2020, by Chitin Records, according to Apple Music. It followed her debut album, “Take It with Me,” which arrived in stores in 2015. She’s also recorded and released an EP, “Live at the Village,” which dropped on July 17, 2020, and featured live versions of four songs from “Overnight Lows” and a cover number.

“My appearance as a bar-band singer in Patrick’s show was entirely his idea, and when he first proposed it to me, I have to admit I was a bit reluctant,” Ozell told “ET.” “I like that our professional lives don’t overlap, even though we’re both performers. But when I learned that CBS Studios and the episode’s director, Joe Menendez, actually wanted me to sing one of my own tunes off my most recent record, ‘Overnight Lows,’ I couldn’t resist the opportunity.”

“The venue itself was perfect — this Downtown L.A. dive bar with tons of character,” she added. “The production team was worried my band and I wouldn’t ‘fit’ on the stage, but little did they know my band and I have squeezed ourselves into much smaller, dingier spaces over the years. We felt right at home! It was incredible to spend a day on the set of a show like ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ and to be reminded of just how many talented, hardworking people it takes to pull it all off. I am the ideal TV and movie viewer. I get sucked in and believe everything I see. So, to see ‘behind the curtain’ and see everything going on behind the scenes was truly eye-opening.”

Stewart and Ozell Are Married for Almost a Decade

Ozell and Stewart have been married since September 7, 2013, according to People Magazine, after having dated for several years. The magazine reported that they wed in Lake Tahoe in a ceremony officiated by Ian McKellen, Stewart’s longtime friend and “X-Men” co-star. Stewart himself confirmed the news the next day with a Twitter post.

Looking deeper into the latest episode, “Monster,” Paramount+ released the following synopsis:

“Tallinn ventures inside Picard’s subconscious mind to help wake him from a coma and face both his darkest secrets and deepest fears. Seven and Raffi go in search of Jurati whom they fear has succumbed to the monster inside. Rios struggles to hide the truth of who he really is from Teresa.”

It’s interesting that in the exclusive clip “Entertainment Tonight” shared from “Monster,” it is Jurati who walks into the 21st-century bar, as the doctor — who has apparently made a dangerous deal with the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) — broke out in song in the previous episode of “Picard.” She sang the 1980s Pat Benatar hit “Shadows of the Night” in episode six, “Two for One,” which was directed by Jonathan Frakes and dropped on April 7.

In the early evening of April 12, 2022, Patrick Stewart shared a tweet confirming that he asked Ozell to appear on “Picard,” and he excitedly included the same clip first shown by “Entertainment Tonight.”