‘Survivor’ Alum Calls Out Jonathan Young: ‘So, Incredibly Misogynistic’

Jonathan Young

Twitter Jonathan Young in episode 5 of "Survivor 42."

Two-time “Survivor” contestant Eliza Orlins is a popular fan favorite who has not been afraid when it comes to speaking her mind about the show in the modern age. Eliza, a diehard progressive who ran for Manhattan District Attorney in 2021 on a platform centered around social justice, spoke out recently in favor of de-platforming certain new school contestants for their odious beliefs.

Now, she is calling out certain contestants on the current season of the hit CBS reality show for their actions and words while on the island, and even declared that misogyny “was showing big-time” in the most recent episode of the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eliza Said She Was ‘Very, Very Turned Off’ By Jonathan After ‘Misogynistic’ Remarks

In an interview Thursday with Riley McAtee and Juliet Litman on their podcast, The Ringer, Eliza spoke about the most recent episode of “Survivor 42,” and was not hesitant to share her thoughts about the goings-on at the Taku tribe, where standout contestant Jonathan Young spent quite a bit of time expressing his annoyance at tribemates Maryanne Oketch and Lindsay Dolashewich.

“How much these girls talk drives me crazy,” Jonathan said in a confessional in the episode. “I don’t know why they always feel like they can’t be silenced, but there isn’t five seconds without one of them–” Jonathan then proceeded to make verbalizations mocking their excessive talking.

On the podcast, Eliza said that that scene overall “struck me as so incredibly misogynistic that it made me dislike someone who I had been liking up until this point.” She went on to say that she became “very, very turned off by Jonathan,” and that she “can’t wait” to see his downfall in the future. “I hope pride goeth before the fall,” she said.

She concluded by saying, “Really, really, the misogyny was showing big-time in this episode.”

Eliza: Maryanne Is ‘One of the Greatest Casting Choices Ever Made’

Jonathan was not the only Taku member who Eliza highlighted, however. Eliza also praised Maryanne as “one of the greatest casting choices ever made on any reality TV show ever.” Describing her as “absolutely extraordinary,” Eliza said she “want[s] her on my TV all the time.”

Eliza added that part of why she felt so drawn to Maryanne is because she reminds her of a younger version of herself, given how they were both seen as very outgoing young women who would often be ostracized from their peers, especially on “Survivor.” In addition, Eliza was 21 when she competed her first time and 24 when she competed again, on season 16, “Fans vs. Favorites.” Maryanne was 23 when “42” was shot.

Eliza also highlighted how, despite their quirky personalities, they were both very “genuine,” for better or worse. As Eliza explained:

I also kind of relate [to Maryanne]. People thought I was– I am a lot, listen I’m a lot, I get it – but people thought I was annoying, I talk too much, I was too excited, I had over-the-top facial reactions to things. But … they were so genuine, and I feel like she’s the same way. So I love her, I love her so much. Team Maryanne forever.

Although Eliza may have been seen as a bit much at the time (her lack of ability to connect with her tribemates – especially the former “Favorites” in season 16 – was mainly what led to her elimination), Eliza’s personality and iconic facial expressions as a jury member have become legendary and widely-adored by fans in the time since. Perhaps it is for this reason that, regardless of her placement, Maryanne too will become a “Survivor” legend down the road.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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