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Jonathan Young

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Jonathan Young is one of the twelve remaining castaways competing on season 42 of “Survivor.” Young, 29, has proved to be a tough competitor helping his tribe secure immunity multiple weeks in a row.

Young’s “Survivor” audition tape was recently posted online and received positive responses from longtime fans.

Jonathan Young’s ‘Survivor’ Audition Tape

In the tape, posted by the YouTube account “All Winners Survivor,” Young starts by stating, “I’m Jonathan Young, I’m 25-years-old, I’m from Gulfshores, Alabama, I’m single, and I’m gonna be the next Survivor.”

Young’s CBS bio says he is 29-years-old, so the audition tape is a few years old.

After Young introduces himself, the video cuts to a compilation of the season 42 castaway performing different physical challenges. One clip shows Young setting the World Record for pull-ups.

Young tells viewers that his upbringing prepared him to be on “Survivor,” stating, “it started when I was 3-years-old. My dad used to wake my brother and I up and take us outside, and he’d say, ‘you gotta run up that mountain and if you stop, you gotta do it three more times.'”

He said that his upbringing taught him about discipline and hard work.

Young also shared that he plans to play an “aggressive” but “strategic” game.

“It will be aggressive on my terms,” he shared. “If I need to leave, I’ll leave. If I need to start something, I’ll start [something]. There [are] two types of people. You’re either a lion or a gazelle. I’m a lion.”

You can watch Jonathan Young’s FULL audition tape HERE.

Fans React to Jonathan Young’s Tape

“Survivor” fans took to the comment section of the video to share their thoughts on Young’s tape.

“Man he’s breaking all the stereotypes of jocks in best possible way,” one fan commented. “So far he’s come off as so genuine and friendly and inclusive. Maybe not always the smartest 😂 but [likable].”

Another fan wrote, “see this is a good audition video. Wasn’t just all speak about how you’re gonna play the game. It was personalable, spoke about who he is, how he grew up – A story to tell.”

“This dude is a BEAST,” a third user wrote.

Erika Casupanan Lands New Job

“Survivor 41” winner Erika Casupanan has a new job. The Ontario native shared that she joined the ET Canada team as a “Survivor” correspondent in a March 10 Instagram post.

She posted a photo of herself on the ET Canada set alongside a lengthy caption.

“How do you come down from the high of winning Survivor? Easy! Talk about #Survivor every week on one of the coolest shows in Canada,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “Tune in every week as I cover #Survivor42. I’ll interview the eliminated castaways and share my take on the game 🔥. Stay tuned.”

Fans commented on the post to congratulate the Sole Survivor on her new role.

“So so happy for you [Erika] 😍😍😍😍 you are gonna crush it,” one user wrote.

“Congrats Erika!! That’s amazing!! 😍🙌,” another fan wrote.

“Get it guuuuurl! 👏 congratulations Erika! You will do great ☺️🎉,” a third user commented.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

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