‘Survivor’s’ Jeff Probst Reveals How He Spent Quarantine

Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor since its inception in 2000.

CBS Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor since its inception in 2000.

Longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst recently revealed how he and his family spent the first three months of quarantine and we are so jealous. Read on to find out what situation the Probst family found themselves in and where they ended up more recently.

Probst and His Family Ended Up Stuck in Hawaii

In an interview on the podcast “Review Revue,” Probst told his family friend Reilly Anspaugh that he and his family ended up stuck in Hawaii, which was “probably the best three and a half months of [his] last 20 years.”

“The way our schedule with our family and my work works is that typically we go to spring break in Hawaii for a week in March ’cause the kids are out of school … and then I go on to Fiji and we shoot Survivor. We went to Hawaii and then we canceled Survivor, so we stayed in Hawaii and what we thought was gonna be – let’s just stay another couple days turned into three and a half months,” said Probst, who is stepdad to his wife Lisa Ann Russell’s two teenagers, Michael and Ava.

Stuck in Hawaii, rough gig! But it gets better. Probst said he learned something important about himself during the experience.

Probst Said He’s a ‘Commune Type of Guy’

Hilariously, the situation made him realize he’d do really well in a small community because they were quarantined with two other families and it worked out so well.

“It was probably the best three and a half months of my last 20 years,” said Probst. “We had two family friends there and their kids were there and we’re all friends so we just quarantined together. We only saw each other, we had dinners every night, we played tennis in the morning. It was like life had stopped and nothing was happening and then I would call back to L.A. with my friends and they would say, ‘Could you please stop sending photos? It’s not like that here.'”

He continued, “Here’s what I learned – that I am a commune type of guy. I just need a neighborhood with maybe 12 houses and I’ll pick the 12 families that live in it … everything should go pretty well, we’ll cook for each other, we’ll hang out, we won’t hang out, I don’t really need a giant world, I just need my little circle.”

Amazingly, he said they “actually had no arguments” the entire time, even though secretly they were all wondering when “the s***’s gonna hit the fan.”

“Somebody’s gonna have a cocktail and say, ‘By the way, Probst, enough with the commune talk. Put on some clothes, Probst, what are you doing?!'” the host cracked, adding, “It was great, it really was great.”

Probst also said that when they could eventually travel, they came back to Los Angeles and he did “really start to appreciate” how out-of-touch they had been.

“I just really couldn’t appreciate those first three months because we weren’t here, but now we’ve been here for months and I haven’t left this house in months,” said Probst.

His story is definitely the luckiest quarantine story we have heard so far. Survivor season 41 begins filming soon with an expected premiere date of late September 2021.

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