Insider Reveals Why Kailyn Lowry & Leah Messer Are Feuding

Kailyn Lowry

Leah Messer/Kailyn Lowry It's a wrap for Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry's friendship, according to this insider.

It’s a wrap for Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry’s friendship, according to this insider.

“Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus revealed that Messer and Lowry aren’t friends anymore because Messer “liked” one of DeJesus’ messages, according to since-deleted tweets that were screenshotted and posted to Reddit.

It all started with a question from a fan. “Kail unfollowed Leah on IG. You think she’s mad that you are Leah are friends? lol” they wrote.

“That’s what I was told. Leah liked one of my self growth post and [Kail] got upset with her. Told Leah we don’t need to be friends if she cherishes that friendship more but Leah said she’s grown and can be friends with whoever she wants,” DeJesus answered.

“[Kail] is a petty Betty,” the person responded.

“Eh, I can see how u would say that buttttttt — my best friends would never like her posts or even talk to her. So I can see why she’s upset,” DeJesus tweeted.

What’s With All These Feuds?

DeJesus and Lowry have a longstanding feud that dates back to 2017 when DeJesus briefly dated Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Their battle lasted longer than DeJesus’ relationship with Marroquin, with their MTV personalities taking their drama to court over defamation allegations. Lowry lost her suit against DeJesus, who is now threatening to sue Lowry over legal fees, costing up to $120,000.

Messer has been friends with Lowry for more than a decade, first getting to know each other when they spearheaded “Teen Mom 2” in 2011. They’ve gone on vacation together various times and have appeared on each other “Teen Mom 2” segments.

But things changed when Messer befriended DeJesus on the Teen Mom spinoff, “Family Reunion.” Lowry declined her invitation to participate in the series, and she didn’t like that DeJesus and Messer became friendly — per DeJesus.

A source made a similar accusation to The Sun.

“Kail unfollowing Leah comes down to Briana,” the insider told The Sun. “Once Briana and Leah were on the ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ and Leah wasn’t mean to Briana, that didn’t sit well with Kail.”

“While Kail used to comment all the time on Leah’s pics, that seemed to stop once Briana began commenting and, as we’ve all seen, Kail now unfollowed Leah,” the source added to The Sun.

 Lowry Went on a Social Media Purge in March 2022

Lowry purged hundreds of people from her social media in March 2022, and one of those accounts that she no longer follows is Messer’s page.

The mother-of-four didn’t give a definitive reason why she went on an unfollowing spree, but she hinted it had something to do with people not being loyal.

“Why did you unfollow everyone?” a social media user asked Lowry.

“Don’t trust anyone,” she answered.

Messer seemed to hit back with her own post on TikTok, where she referenced Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” in the caption. “When my kindness is taken for weakness…” she wrote. “Someone cue ‘FourFiveSeconds’ 😌.”

Aside from DeJesus’ tweets, Messer and Lowry have not spoken out about the apparent feud directly.

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