Catelynn Baltierra Shares Daughter’s Reaction to Baby Name: Video

Catelynn Baltierra

MTV Some "Teen Mom" fans were not kind when Catelynn Baliterrra hinted what she and husband Tyler plan to call their fourth daughter.

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn and Tyler Baliterrra have decided on their fourth baby’s name and shared it with their two girls, 7-year-old Novalee and 2-year-old Vaeda. The star posted a photo on Instagram that showed both girls with a large grin.

“BABY NAME REVEALED #LinkInBio (their expression was SO Cute when we shared!),” Catelynn wrote on Instagram. She shared a link to a Celebuzz story that includes a video of Nova finding out about the pregnancy. Catelynn didn’t, however, reveal the new baby’s full name but she is dropping some breadcrumbs.

The video shows Catelynn handing Nova a picture of her sonogram and asking her middle daughter if she’s excited to be a big sister again. “We’ve having another baby! It’s so tiny. You haven’t told me!” Nova says, before asking if her dad, grandparents and uncle know about the pregnancy.

“Did the doctors say you were going to have twins?!” she asked. Catelynn tells her it’s just one baby.

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‘Teen Mom’ Fans Mocked ‘Baby Z’s’ Name

Some Teen Mom fans were not kind when Catelynn hinted what she plans to call her fourth daughter. The couple previously asked for help from viewers, saying they wanted a unique moniker for baby No. 4. In a March 7 post, she revealed she was calling the child “baby Z.” It led fans to speculate about what the girl’s full name would be, while some took the opportunity to mock Catelynn.

“@cozys_ just sent us the most adorable little zip-up outfits for baby Z ❤️😩❤️🥰 telling you all @cozys_ has the SOFTEST most comfortable stuff ever!!!” she wrote. “Nova and Vaeda love wearing the stuff they have!”

The star dismantled the comments under the post, but the chatter continued to bubble on Teen Mom Talk, a fan page that shared a screenshot of Catelynn’s update.

“Looks like #CatelynnLowell and Tyler already have a name picked out for baby girl 💖 Any guesses? 👀 #TeenMomOG,” they wrote. Turned out, fans had dozens of guesses. Some made actually suggestions, saying the little girl could be called Zelda, Zara, Zola, Zendaya or Zoey.

Others took the opportunity to take shots at Catelynn and Tyler. “Zomething ztupid I assume lmao..,” one wrote.

“Zella. For sure. Not quite Stella, but it works with their EdGiNesS,” another said.

One person predicted she would be named after a comic book character. “Zatanna!! It’s a DC character lol and Tyler is in love with Batman!” they penned.

Fans became familiar with Catelynn and Tyler after they appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2009. They chose to place their daughter Carly for adoption because they were afraid they couldn’t give her the life she deserved. Much of their early storyline on Teen Mom OG centered around their decision to relinquish their parental rights.

Catelynn and Tyler went on to marry and welcome two more daughters together: 7-year-old Novalee and 2-year-old Vaeda. Catelynn is currently pregnant with their fourth daughter after tragically announcing she suffered a miscarriage on Thanksgiving Day 2020.

Catelynn & Tyler Wanted to Have a Fourth Baby Before They Were 30

As shown on Season 9 of Teen Mom OG, the couple wasn’t 100% sure if they wanted to have another baby, Catelynn and Tyler were aware of the stress that adding children to their family put on their relationship, admitting that they briefly split when Catelynn was pregnant with 2-year-old daughter Vaeda.

They ultimately chose to go ahead with a fourth pregnancy, as both Catelynn and Tyler were adamant about adding a baby boy to their brood. As luck would have it, being a boy dad wasn’t in the cards for Tyler — even though Catelynn went to a psychic who told her she was going to have a boy.

Catelynn Said Tyler Isn’t Disappointed About Baby Z Being a Girl

Tyler showed visible disappointment at Vaeda’s gender reveal, but this time around Catelynn said her husband was OK.

“His reaction was, ‘Well I guess I’m not gonna get a boy,” Catelynn told Celebuzzz. “All in all we are just excited to be completing our family regardless of the gender.”

Catelynn and Tyler reasoned they might welcome a boy into the family when their girls have children of their own. “While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she’s healthy though that really all that matters,” Catelynn told the publication. “This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him!”

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