Catelynn Baltierra Shares Parenting Realization

Catelynn Baltierra

Heavy / Getty Catelynn Baltierra

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Catelynn Baltierra first gave birth in 2009, and the MTV star is still learning new things about motherhood to this day.

In a March 8 Instagram story, Baltierra wrote “Novalee looked at me today and said ‘Mom I feel so safe at our house’ and that’s when it hit me… we are doing a damn good job! 😩 ❤️ 👏” over a black background, adding exploding heart stickers and a picture of a sign that reads “Home sweet home”.

Baltierra gave her oldest daughter up for adoption, and Carly (named by her adoptive parents) turned 13 last year. Baltierra married her husband Tyler Baltierra (Carly’s biological father) in 2015, and the two have three other daughters: Novalee (8), Vaeda (4), and Rya (1).

Tyler shared his wife’s pride in having a safe and warm home for their daughters in a recent Instagram story. The U.S. Sun shared a screenshot of his story on February 20, in which Tyler wrote, “Being able to give my daughters a warm cozy home full of love, that I only thought was possible in my dreams, is something that I am so proud of. It makes me super emotional. I’m just so grateful! 🥹 🙏🏻 😭”.

Tyler Baltierra Spent a Snowy Day ‘Making Memories’ With His Daughters

Tyler shared another parenting win of his in a March 5 Instagram post featuring Novalee and Vaeda playing in the snow. “Making memories with my babies! 😍 ❤️ ⛄️ #BlessedByDaughters #GirlDad”, Tyler captioned his post. He and his daughters spent their time in the snow building a snowman with sticks and pinecones for the facial features. Tyler’s post also included videos of Vaeda playing in the snow and Novalee making a snow angel.

Many fans were jealous of the amount of snow Tyler and Catelynn got at their Michigan home, with one follower commenting on Tyler’s post to write, “My granddaughter’s dream. We only got a dusting this year. She was so disappointed that by the time she got out of nursery school it was gone.”

“What a good dad you are! And they will forever be grateful of the memories you are making with them . They’ll pass and share the memories down to their children how their dad spent a snow day to make memories and build a snowman,” another fan added.

Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Have Deer Running Around Their Yard

According to The U.S. Sun, Tyler also shared an early March 2023 Instagram story with a video of four deer running around his and Catelynn’s snowy yard. The Baltierras are still in their first few months at this new home, which they bought for $435,000 earlier this year. The home is 4,296 square feet, with an additional six acres of land.

Prior to this recent move, the Baltierras lived in a 150-year-old octagonal home that they purchased in 2017, which required a good deal of work. In June 2019, Tyler shared a before-and-after photo of the home, to which he added (among other fixes) a full front porch and a fresh coat of blue paint. His post also included a photo of the home when it was first built in 1869.

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