Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer: ‘A New Baby Joined Us This Morning’

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Heavy / HGTV Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Former “Teen Mom 2” stars and new HGTV hosts Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have expanded their family yet again. In a March 7 Instagram story, Houska revealed that “a new baby joined us this morning 💕” when she shared a video of their family’s newborn goat. Houska also posted a video montage to her profile that shows their newest addition with its mother, being held by DeBoer, and being visited by Houska and DeBoer’s children.

“Welcome to the family!!!” DeBoer said over a photo of the newborn in his own Instagram story.

Houska later reshared her friend Taylor Kenney’s story, which showed a text from Houska that read, “Sorry I got distracted because our goat gave birth lol”.

The DeBoers Give Their Animals ‘Grandpa Names’

Houska’s followers took to her comment section to appreciate the adorable newborn. “Such a great life for your kids!! I bet your parents are so proud of you and the dream you’ve created. I know I would be!!” one fan wrote.

“Looks like Neapolitan 😍” another fan commented, referencing how the pattern of the brown, white, and black fur on the newborn goat’s back looks like Neapolitan ice cream.

Even one of Houska’s former castmates, Kailyn Lowry, commented on her post, simply adding, “😭 😭 😭”.

This newest baby goat joins the DeBoers’ collection of farm animals at their Sioux Falls, South Dakota home. The family already has four goats named Trudy, Terry, Dixie, and Lou (it’s unclear which goat gave birth to the new baby), as well as four Miniature Scottish Highland cows named Nelson, Steve, Todd, and Henry, one sheep named Gary, a pig named Pete, two alpacas named Doug and Dewey, three dogs named Phil, Barb, and Dale, and a host of cats, chickens, and turkeys.

“We like to name our animals a lot of human names. Mainly dad and grandpa names,” Houska told HGTV in a behind-the-scenes video shared to DeBoer’s Instagram page.

The family doesn’t seem to have any plans to slow down on adding animals to their farm any time soon either, as Houska admitted to having a list of potential animal names on her phone that she wants to use up.

Chelsea Houska Shared More Photos From Her Wyoming Trip

Houska and DeBoer recently took their family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a vacation with DeBoer’s extended family, and on March 6 Houska shared more photos from their trip on Instagram. Her latest post shows Houska and DeBoer out at a bar with her husband’s brother Brock DeBoer and Brock’s wife Colleen. It also includes photos of their children playing outside in the snow and inside playing Yahtzee with DeBoer’s parents.

These latest photos come after Houska hinted at possibly moving to Wyoming in a March 4 post showing Houska and DeBoer kissing under an archway made of elks antlers, to which her husband replied in the comment section, writing, “Maybe we need some land here 😏”. While a move is not out of the question for the DeBoer family, it may be delayed while they take care of all of their animals and film season two of their HGTV show, “Down Home Fab”, which was picked up for a second season before the first had even finished airing.

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