Chelsea & Cole Reveal Why Fans Love Papa Randy So Much

Randy Houska

Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea DeBoer revealed why she thinks fans love her dad, Randy Houska.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer revealed why she thinks fans love her dad, Randy Houska. Viewers first got to know Randy in the early days of Teen Mom, when he was there to offer Chelsea advice while she was with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

“I think growing up he had the best advice for me,” Chelsea told Heavy about her father in an exclusive interview. “He gave advice to me that was so helpful and I’m sure it helps a lot of people that were going through similar situations as me.”

While Randy is best known for his sage guidance, fans who follow him on social media are also getting a taste of his funnier side. “Now he’s like a smart a**,” Chelsea said with a laugh. “He’s always got to fire off a comment for something. And I think people also appreciate that side of him as well.”

Cole agreed, saying his father-in-law’s sense of humor is what also draws fans to him.

Randy Defended Chelsea Against Social Media Trolls

Papa Randy might not be shown on Teen Mom 2 that often, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped fighting for his daughter. He came after trolls when some people accused Chelsea of “rehashing” the same storyline on the MTV reality show.

One of the biggest parts of Chelsea’s storyline is Aubree’s relationship with Adam. She doesn’t see him often and Cole has stepped in as the father-figure in Aubree’s life.

“The Twitterverse often rags on Chelsea Houska about re-hashing the same storyline,” Randy tweeted in April 2019, as noted by In Touch Weekly. “In upcoming episodes, she shares experiences that are hard to put out there, but hopefully will create an awareness.”

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, viewers watched Aubree change her mind about bringing her biological father to her school dance. At first, she said she wanted both Adam and Cole to attend but later changed her mind. Only Cole attended. Aubree previously expressed concern about it being awkward with both men at the school event.

Randy Accused Adam of Mentally Abusing Chelsea

In September 2019, Randy appeared in a series called Losing Randy where he sounded off on his daughter’s infamous ex.

“Mental abuse leaves bruises that nobody can see and I think it’s probably far harder to recover from and lasts a long, long time,” Randy said, as noted by OK! 

It was difficult for Chelsea to hear her father talk about her toxic relationship. “It’s hard to hear my story through my dad’s point of view. I pretend those years never happened, but I still have issues that are a direct result of what I went through back then,” she tweeted. “My dad did an incredible job detailing gaslighting and ways to help if you suspect someone is experiencing physical/mental abuse.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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