Fans Debate Whether Amber Portwood Has ‘Changed’

Amber Portwood has dinner with daughter Leah and family

MTV\'s Teen Mom / YouTube Amber Portwood has dinner with daughter Leah and family

“Teen Mom OG” cast member Amber Portwood has been through a lot of ups and downs over the past few years. In this week’s episode, Portwood visited her son James, who is currently under the custody of his father, Portwood’s ex Andrew Glennon, in Los Angeles, according to The US Sun.

While the visit was emotional for Portwood, so was returning home to Indiana. The “Teen Mom” YouTube channel shared a clip of Portwood having dinner with her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley and his family, including his and Portwood’s oldest daughter Leah, of whom Gary has full custody. Over dinner, Leah and her father both expressed that they wished Portwood had called or FaceTimed during her visit so that Leah could see her brother James and hear how the visit was going, which made Portwood defensive.

“Okay, you know what? I don’t need you chiming in with your father, because you’re gonna make me feel seriously really bad,” Portwood said to Leah, following this up with an apology.

Fans reaction to this clip is split, with some supporting Portwood’s growth, and some saying she hasn’t changed her ways over the years. See the clip and hear what fans have to say below.

What Are Fans Saying About Amber Portwood?

Fan reaction to the clip is mixed, though Portwood has her supporters, who are happy to see her working towards co-parenting both of her children. In the clip, Portwood discusses how she is attempting to co-parent James with her ex Glennon, and how difficult that is given Glennon’s unwillingness to have a relationship with Portwood.

During their relationship, Portwood was charged with multiple counts of domestic battery and intimidation after allegedly wielding a machete against Glennon while he held their son James. Portwood’s ghostwriter from her book “So You’re Crazy, Too,” has denied there being a machete during the altercation, and TMZ has shared audio footage from the day as well.

“Amber looked INCREDIBLE in this episode! So healthy, and glowing and truly holding herself together so well. She’s come a long way, and should be proud. Gary and Kristina are incredible to her, and so supportive. Keep it up, everyone 👏🏻,” one fan wrote on a clip of the scene posted to the “Teen Mom” Instagram page.

“Amber still has several selfish tendencies. However, I admire the relationship Gary, Christina and Amber have. That environment is so much healthier for the kids when everyone gets along :)” another fan wrote on the YouTube video.

Some Fans Think Portwood Is Still ‘Selfish’

A lot of fans echoed the sentiment that Portwood still has “several selfish tendencies”, with some saying that she hasn’t changed much or at all from when fans first met her on “16 and Pregnant” in 2009 when her episode premiered. A commonality through all the comments was support for Portwood’s children Leah and James, and for her ex, Gary’s, co-parenting skills.

“Poor Leah. She wanted to see her brother. How hard would it have been to FaceTime her? Geez, Amber is still so incredibly self centered!” one fan wrote.

“So Leah isn’t allowed to mention her brother James cause Amber feelings 🙄 Amber really need to get over herself she still selfish and only thinks about how she feels,” another fan commented.

“Haven’t watched the show in years, but it looks like amber hasn’t changed much lol 😂,” a third fan added.

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