Leah Messer’s Update on Teen Twin Daughters Has Fans Gushing

Leah Messer

YouTube "Teen Mom" star Leah Messer talks with Dr. Drew.

“Teen Mom” fans tend to gush over updates Leah Messer shares about her daughters, and a recent Instagram post was no exception. The family gathered with friends to celebrate a big birthday, and it looked like everybody had a blast. The birthday boy was certainly a cutie, but Messer’s twin daughters garnered a lot of love from franchise fans as well.

Not long ago, Messer threw a huge birthday party for her twin daughters, Aleeah and Aliannah. The twins just turned 13 and the “Teen Mom” star put on an impressive event to help the girls celebrate. Fake snow, a blue carpet with velvet ropes, gowns, and tiaras set the vibe for the princess-themed birthday party, and Messer shared photos from the fun celebration. More recently, the family was gushing over a birthday boy named Winslow, and the event seemed to provide the perfect opportunity for Messer and fans to take in how much the twins have blossomed as they’ve become teens.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Messer Interacted With Many ‘Teen Mom’ Fans on Her Post

On January 22, Messer shared a trio of photos on her Instagram page. “Happy 1st Bday Winslow! We had so much fun with you guys this weekend,” the “Teen Mom” star wrote in the caption of her post. The first photo showed Messer holding the birthday boy, with her twins standing on either side of her. The second photo featured just Ali and Aleeah, and the third showed Ali sitting on a couch while snuggling with Winslow. Messer’s third daughter, Adalynn, was not featured in any photos the “Teen Mom” star shared this time around.

“I cannot get over how big your girls are!!! You all look great!” commented former “Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Cabral. Messer replied to Cabral’s note, thanking her for the comment and admitting, “Its hard to believe” how big her daughters look now.

“Aleeah looks like her dad now,” commented someone else. Messer replied, “I think she looks a lot like her dad too,” while another person wrote, “She is such a beautiful mix of you both.” In the same thread of comments, another “Teen Mom” fan noted, “I think she [is] starting to look more like you. I saw a recent clip on one of the episodes and I thought you were her. She’s truly blossoming [into] a beautiful young woman.”

Messer’s Daughters Had ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Swooning

While some “Teen Mom” fans felt Aleeah looked a lot like her father, or a combination of both of her parents, it’s quite common for people to think the teen looks just like her mom. That was the case with this Instagram post too.

“Aleeah is literally a copy and paste of you!” declared another commenter.

“I always get their names mixed up but one looks exactly like you and the other looks a lot like Corey. It’s crazy how genetics work,” added someone else, referring to Messer’s ex and the father of the twins, Corey Simms.

Messer’s post, with her twins looking so grown up, made quite a few “Teen Mom” fans feel old, and a few people were confused about the baby boy and whether he was somehow Messer’s son. Several commenters mentioned how much they loved Ali and Aleeah’s individual styles, and Ali’s gorgeous curls earned some praise too.

“Omg they’re so beautiful and the tall one is a mini you. You guys are so beautiful and the girls are all grown up. Keep smiling and thriving,” someone else shared on the “Teen Mom” star’s post.

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