Fans Blast Farrah Abraham for Surprising Family Expansion: ‘This Isn’t Going to Go Well’

Farrah Abraham

Getty "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham attends an event.

Aformer “Teen Mom” star just added to her family and her decision quickly generated a significant amount of backlash from fans. Farrah Abraham has received plenty of criticism from viewers over the years, for all sorts of issues, and it looks as if she is facing a new firestorm once again after this recent purchase.

Here’s what you need to know:

Farrah Abraham Bought a Pair of Baby Goats

On January 9, Abraham shared her big news in an Instagram story, and the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub shared it soon after Abraham initially posted it. The post was a video that started by showing Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, holding an all-black baby goat. “@sophialabraham got a baby goat today! Awhhh!!!!” the “Teen Mom” star noted in text. A few seconds later, Abraham revealed, “So did I! Baby moon… new baby goat! Adorbs.” Abraham held the all-white baby goat she picked in her arms and cooed over it. The single mom was especially amazed by the baby goat’s hooves, and she gave the small animal a kiss on its head.

This is not the first time Abraham has been hit with negativity from “Teen Mom” fans regarding her pets. In December, as The Hollywood Gossip noted, Abraham dyed the white fur of her dogs blue and purple. Last November, The Sun reported that some residents in Abraham’s Texas apartment building complained because she had a pair of peacocks living in her unit. In addition, in July 2022, backlash over Abraham’s handling of her pets came when she let her pony Starburst be painted by children at a birthday party. Other relatively recent incidents involve how she dried one of her dogs after a bath,  as well as another time she dyed the fur of her dogs and utilized a muzzle back in 2020.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Were not Thrilled to See Abraham’s Family Additions

Abraham and her daughter may have been excited about expanding their family to include two baby goats, but “Teen Mom” fans were far less enthusiastic.

“Guarantee the minute those babies are no longer babies she gets rid of them. This b has no excuse to own goats,” declared one Redditor.

“Cool. I guess she can put them in a play pen next to her peacocks on the balcony,” quipped another Redditor.

“I hope she takes proper care of them and let them be what they are… goats. They need outdoor space, grass and a good shelter. Not to be carried around like an accessorie [sic] and painted pink,” suggested another “Teen Mom” fan.

Several posters wondered where Abraham would be keeping the baby goats, as they are not exactly a good fit for apartment living. Others noted that goats tend to eat whatever they can get a hold of, which would surely be an issue if they were kept in Abraham’s apartment.

“I own goats and would never dream of selling them to someone like Farrah. I can’t believe the farm sold them to her,” read another Reddit comment.

“Oh gawd. I married into a goat family and they are as cute as they are demonic. Our goats make me angry every day lmao. [I don’t know] how farrah will tolerate it. Hopefully she’ll get tired of them and they will find better homes,” suggested someone else.

“Considering how she tolerated her small child, this isn’t going to go well,” noted another critic.