Farrah Abraham’s Harvard Assignment Seemingly Leaks

Farrah Abraham

MTV The assignment that "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham wrote for Harvard was seemingly leaked on Reddit.

The assignment that “Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham wrote for Harvard’s online extension school was seemingly leaked on Reddit.

At the time of publishing this story, the essay’s authenticity was not confirmed.

Heavy reached out to Abraham, who did not immediately answer, and Harvard said they are not permitted to comment on individual student academic matters “due to federal student privacy laws.”

That didn’t stop fans from talking about it once it was shared to the “Teen Mom” subreddit. “Here is Farrah’s assignment that started it all,” the original poster wrote. The thread garnered more than 700 upvotes and nearly 800 comments.

The class was asked to reflect on “Secret Observations on the Goat-Girl,” a short story by Joyce Carol Oates.

The beginning of the assignment posted to Reddit, which was supposedly written by Abraham, says:

As I read and articulate what the passage implies or persuades throughout in “Secret Observations on Goat Girl,” by Joyce Carol Oasts. As I read I perceive it could be a female child point of view from talking about her sisters and brothers and their reaction to contemplating whether this “goat-girl” is blind or not.

At the end of the text, the author refers to the narrator in Oates’ story as the “black goat of her family.”

It shows in today’s society we have evolved so that transgenders, disabled, and any birth defects we rise to overcome, help and have high achieving opportunities for all. Even the most diverse animals can be learned about, embraced on networks like the History Channel and Discovery. This daughter out of her family may be the black goat of her family but she is open to the world of possibilities.

Viewers Were Confused by Abraham’s Writing

Abraham isn’t known for being the best writer — her memoir “Dream Twenties” has less than two stars on Amazon — but some people couldn’t comprehend the text.

“I don’t understand a word of that. It’s just a salad of words that hold no meaning,” one person wrote. “At this point, Sophia probably has a better level of English and grammar than Farrah does.”

A second person said the text matched Abraham’s vernacular. “She speaks the same way, too,” they said. “She tries to sound intelligent, but it just comes out as a word salad of nonsense.”

“OMG that is very hard to read, let alone to understand, no wonder Harvard doesn’t want her, she is a disgrace to the whole university,” another person wrote.

Some weren’t sure the author’s writing could be improved. “As a former university peer writing tutor, this hurt my brain. I wouldn’t know where to start helping her fix this,” they said.

Abraham Threatened to Sue Harvard

During an interview with TMZ, Abraham claimed she suffered “educational abuse” during her time at Harvard University’s online summer class in June. According to her LinkedIn profile, she signed up to take Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard Extension School.

Things went south after her professor “urged” her to drop the course after a class activity.

Abraham alleged she faced discrimination.  “I was the most person of color in the class,” she told TMZ. “Everyone else was super white.” Abraham said the famed ivy league school was a “joke” and a “scam.”

Abraham said she tried to get in touch with Dean  Robert Neugeboren but no one would answer her.

“I think if you want to silence someone’s voice and not actually respond to someone reaching out for help to remedy the problem — like a normal civilized citizen would do — I see that I’m not working with good people and Harvard is a very abusive school,” she told TMZ.

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