Jenelle Evans Admits to Staging Paparazzi Photos

Jenelle Evans

Getty Jenelle Evans

Everything may not be what it seems.

Former “Teen Mom 2” cast member Jenelle Evans posted a February 1 TikTok, where she responded to the claims that some reality television stars stage their paparazzi photos. The original user’s TikTok included photo examples of Kylie Jenner, however Evans said that she has been approached by paparazzi to do the same, and claimed that two of her fellow “Teen Mom” stars did the same.

See the video below.

Jenelle Evans Confesses to Staging Paparazzi Photos

Evans describes her first-ever paparazzi encounter, just as she was gaining fame in the early days of “Teen Mom”. She said she saw the paparazzi in black SUVs outside her house, and that they followed her and her mother to take photos of them after going out for dinner.

“[My mom] cussed them out, told them to go away, and later on, I was approached by one of the paparazzi,” Evans said, “He said ‘Hey if you want to set up some photos, get a little bit of extra cash, we can do that.’ So what do we do? We went and we took photos.”

Evans claimed that she has met multiple paparazzi that do this, and that she is not the only “Teen Mom” cast member to work with them.

Farrah [Abraham] is a good example of this. She has paparazzi set up photos staged all the time … and probably got money for it,” Evans said. Later in the video, she mentions another one of her former castmates, Maci Bookout, as well.

“Now did the other ‘Teen Mom’s do this? Yes they have. I’ve already mentioned Farrah, but Maci – she actually did it one time and MTV threatened to fine her,” Evans said, “They actually threatened to fine me, too, and they called me with all the bosses, and they were like ‘You can’t be doing this,’ so I had to stop for a while.”

Heavy reached out to Abraham and Bookout for comment but has not yet received a response at the time of publication.

Although Evans admits to being “guilty of the bikini set up” (showing photos of her walking along a beach and claiming that the photographer used a very long telescopic lens to capture the pictures from afar), she made it clear at the end of the video that she did not alter or retouch her photos, saying “I posted them the way they were”.

This is Not the First Time Evans Has Spoken Out About ‘Teen Mom’ Production

Evans’s claims that MTV threatened to fine her for staging paparazzi photos is not her first time spilling production secrets from her time on “Teen Mom 2”. In a January 20 TikTok, Evans claimed that when cast members dyed or changed their hair in a dramatic way, producers would sometimes make them wear wigs to film “somewhat scripted scenes or moments they missed while filming” so that they could edit them in with their previous footage while avoiding continuity errors with the different hair.

This was another response by Evans to a previous TikTok, which included an example of cast member Leah Messer wearing a blonde wig in the show.

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