Jenelle Evans & David Eason’s Birthday Gift to Daughter Raises Eyebrows

Jenelle Evans

Heavy/Getty Jenelle Evans previously starred on "Teen Mom 2."

Former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, recently celebrated their daughter’s birthday. While Ensley’s birthday is January 24, an Instagram post from Eason showcasing her big present opening was just posted on February 26. The photos Eason shared signaled the little girl was quite pleased with what appeared to be her main birthday gift, but not all “Teen Mom” fans reacted the same way.

Here’s what you need to know:

David Eason & Jenelle Evans Gifted Ensley a BB Gun

Eason’s Instagram post showed Ensley posing next to a long, wrapped box. “My princess was so happy when she got her bb [water pistol emoji] for her birthday,” the former “Teen Mom” star wrote in his caption. Eason included three photos in his post, which showed Ensley opening the gift and admiring the unwrapped box with her mouth open wide.

Evans had previously shared a separate glimpse into Ensley’s birthday celebrations via her Instagram page. On January 25, the “Teen Mom” star shared a slew of photos showing Ensley out at a restaurant with her parents, as well as siblings Maryssa and Kaiser. The birthday girl wore a sparkly dress and birthday crown as she soaked up all the birthday love. Eason’s post was shared more than a month after Ensley’s birthday, but the kids were all wearing the same outfits. That suggests Ensley opened her gifts at the time of her birthday, and Eason simply didn’t post them until now.

Eason’s Instagram post showcasing Ensley with her BB gun received over 5,200 likes along with almost 200 comments. The comments section seemed to contain mostly positive reactions regarding the gift choice, but there were some critics. One commenter noted, “Happy Birthday kiddo… now I’m waiting for the Karen’s to comment…” That note received 45 likes and several people responded to it, including Eason who quipped, “No doubt.”

“I think this present Rocks! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!” added another supportive follower.

“This post will trigger so many,” joked another fan.

“Ya [because] a doll or art supplies just wouldn’t cut it,” countered someone else who added an eye-roll emoji. Eason replied directly to that comment too, sharing, “That would be a tracing projector for kids on the table behind her, she also got for her birthday.”

“Happy birthday! Don’t listen to the haters! Mom and dad know there [sic] baby the best! Maybe she asked for it? Obviously she loved seeing it when she opened it,” another comment read.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans on Reddit Weren’t Quite As Supportive of the BB Gun Gift

Eason’s Instagram post was also shared in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub, and it garnered over 450 comments there.

“It’s like they’re leaning into the most problematic of stereotypes they can. I don’t believe for one second Ensley wanted this. She asked for something else and they told her she was getting this and was gonna take a picture with it and like it,” suggested one Redditor.

“The comments on this post really shows who is from the south and who is not lol,” someone else countered.

“That’s a pretty cool gift [to be honest], so long as she’s supervised…we know she won’t be, that’s the problem, not the BB gun,” noted a separate poster.

“David and Jenelle are so irresponsible I don’t see this going well, we will probably see in the next couple months that one of the kids accidentally shot something they weren’t supposed to,” another Redditor wrote.