‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Son Kicked Out of 2 Schools

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MTV The "Teen Mom" star revealed her son was kicked out of two schools and held back twice.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans revealed her son was kicked out of two schools and held back twice. Evans was speaking with The Sun exclusively when she said her sons — 12-year-old Jace and 7-year-old Kaiser — were “more focused” now than they had been in the past.

“He had to repeat kindergarten twice, basically,” Evans said to The Sun about Kaiser, the son she shares with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith.

“And the first time he was too young,” she continued about Kaiser, who they also call “Bubba.”

“The second time, he kept getting in trouble. So I was like you know what I’m going to hold him back myself so now he’s in first grade and he’s doing great,” Evans noted. “And he’s actually learning and not running around the classroom and doing cartwheels.”

Griffith and Evans began seeing each other in 2013 after they met on Tinder, per In Touch Weekly. The “Teen Mom 2” star had just split from ex-husband Courtland Rodgers. They welcomed Kaiser together one year after they started dating.

One of Griffith’s most iconic moments, according to fans, was when he told Evans to “stop it” while talking to a friend on the phone. Although they got engaged in 2015, they decided to end their relationship months after Griffith proposed.

Kaiser Had ‘Too Much Energy’ For Kindergarten

Evans, 29, reasoned Kaiser was too hyper when he first started kindergarten.

“I think Kaiser just had too much energy and they would have quiet reading time and the teacher would be reading a book, he would be the one in the background doing flips and cartwheels, getting in and out of his chair,” she told the outlet. “So he’s just calmed down a little bit.”

The star said Kaiser would do things like go to the bathroom without asking, but he’s had some time to “mature” and is able to focus better. “Kaiser’s now more into figuring out what they’re learning,” Evans said about the first grader.

Evans’ eldest son, Jace, still lives with his maternal grandmother, Barbara.

Kaiser, however, lives with Evans at their home on “The Land” in North Carolina. They’re joined by Kaiser’s stepfather David Eason; his half-sister, 4-year-old Ensley; and his stepsister, 13-year-old Maryssa.

Kaiser’s Father Is Battling Depression

“Teen Mom 2” alum Nathan Griffith opened up about his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder — which stems from his time in the United States Marine Corps, per The Sun.

“I lost everything I Have. Lost 12 lbs from not eating,” Griffith wrote in a November 2021 message, according to a screenshot shared by IG fan account Teen Mom Chatter. “Lost interest in everything, love, even the gym and honestly lost everything I cared about.”

“People need to know that depression is a super real big deal. In today [sic] society it is worse than ever before. Especially in teenage girls. ‘Normal’ people will never understand what a true depress [sic] person goes through,” he continued. “I’m gonna do a segment about depression today. Please be sure to watch. It’ll be really beneficial.”

Since viewers last saw Griffith on “Teen Mom 2,” he dyed his hair blond and started an OnlyFans account.

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