Why Kailyn Lowry Invited Devoin Austin to Her Podcast

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry sat down for her podcast with Devoin Austin, the ex-boyfriend of cast member Briana DeJesus.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry sat down for her “Coffee Convos” podcast with Devoin Austin, the ex-boyfriend of cast member Briana DeJesus.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the mother-of-four revealed she wanted to have Devoin on her podcast so she could help give him a platform. Devoin has previously accused MTV of being fake, accusing them of fabricating a text exchange with Briana. The former couple have one daughter together, 9-year-old Nova.

“Him and his girlfriend are so sweet,” Kailyn told the publication on February 24 about Devoin and his partner, Jazmine Williams. “I loved getting to hear his perspective on parenting and his experience on the show. I wish them nothing but the best and all the success on his wing business.”

In December 2020, Devoin revealed he quit his job and launched a YouTube channel where he would cook for his followers. He has since launched Wrist of Gold, and cooked some wings for the Teen Mom 2 star.

“Special delivery for [Kailyn],” he wrote in a February 25 post. “Was such a pleasure to cook for a podcast.” The star gave the wings a “10/10” and said she would “recommend” them.

“Wings were 10/10. Go support his YouTube channel,” Kailyn wrote on his page. “Order some wings, etc! Thank you for coming on our show!”

Devoin told Us Weekly he enjoyed his time on the show and his chat with Kailyn and her co-host, Chrisley Knows Best alum Lindsie Chrisley.

“I want to start this off by thanking Kailyn and Lindsie for inviting me on the podcast. They were very welcoming, and they listened to what I had to say,” the father-of-one explained. “It felt great to get some things off my chest. There wasn’t any pressure to bash anyone or anything like that.”

Kailyn Devoin Joked About Getting a Special

Sometimes MTV will do spinoffs with their stars, but Devoin has never had one. Kailyn and Devoin made a quick TikTok video, where they participated in a popular trend. “That’s some bulls***” could be heard in the background.

Kailyn captioned the video, “When Devoin doesn’t get a ‘Being Devoin’ special.”

The video has since garnered more than 1 million views, with commenters largely wondering what Briana’s reaction would be.

“The drama that is going to come from this TikTok will be very amusing to watch! Thank y’all for the entertainment,” one person wrote.

“New level of petty just unlocked,” another said.

Some netizens sided with Devoin. “Devoin really does need some recognition!! He tries and Bri always put him down…” they penned.

Why Don’t Kailyn & Briana Get Along?

Briana and Kailyn haven’t been on great terms ever since Briana dated Javi Marroquin, Kailyn ex-husband. Their whirlwind romance didn’t last long, but the feud between Kailyn and Briana remains. Things even went as far as Kailyn getting into an altercation with Briana’s sister at a reunion show.

Kailyn had moved on from Javi with Chris Lopez, but the rift between Kailyn and Briana bubbled once more when rumors swirled that the Florida resident might hook out up with another one of Kailyns exes.

Briana, however, denied the allegations during an interview with Champion Daily. “You have three baby daddies, one of whom took an interest in me while he was still doing you and his current baby mama,” she said, referring to Javi. “We both got played. Stop acting like the victim at this point and give it a rest.”

“I do not want your men. Javi was a mistake but it’s in the past,” Briana continued. “I’m not stalking your life, I want no part of the men in your life, and I don’t want or seek out drama with you.”

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