Mackenzie McKee Speaks Out About ‘Teen Mom’ Firing

Mackenzie McKee

YouTube Mackenzie McKee on MTV firing

“Teen Mom OG” star Mackenzie McKee recently opened up about being fired from MTV in a series of since-deleted tweets.

The 27-year-old has been a part of the franchise since 2011 but in March 2022, a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that McKee was not asked to join the cast of the upcoming spinoff show “Teen Mom: Next Chapter.”

“Mackenzie was not asked,” the source told The Ashley. “She was basically ghosted by MTV and [her producers] and was never actually told she was not invited to be on the show. They just didn’t respond to her and left her hanging.”

Mackenzie McKee Tells All on Twitter

According to Celebuzz, McKee addressed her MTV firing on Twitter, telling fans she feels ignored by MTV producers.

“I’m an hour away and they act like I don’t even exist and can’t explain to my lawyer why. So that stings,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

In a separate tweet, McKee explained that she doesn’t have much information regarding why she was let go, other than the show’s low ratings.

“The only thing [MTV tells] my lawyer and I quote ‘nothing against her at all, the views are just in the toilet,'” she wrote. “So we find things out on the Internet, which is a huge slap in my face.”

According to Celebuzz, the “Teen Mom” star went on to claim that MTV has been lying to her and “feeding her excuses.”

“The only sucky part is honestly [MTV] lies to me,” she wrote in a tweet. “First it was ‘they were filming individually because of COVID so you will be alone,’ then the girls post a photo of them all together without me and their titles were specifically to hurt me ‘my favorites,’ and it worked.”

She even went as far as to call MTV “unprofessional.”

“Without an update, I find out online. It’s just unprofessional,” she wrote in a tweet, Celebuzz reported. “It’s honestly as simple as calling me and saying, ‘you are no longer [a part] of us, and here is why.’”

Mackenzie on Her Mother’s Passing

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life in April 2020, Mackenzie McKee opened up about losing her mother to cancer.

On the April 28, 2020, episode of “Teen Mom OG,” fans watched McKee’s mother lose her two-year long battle with cancer.

The MTV star spoke candidly about the grieving process, telling Hollywood Life she takes it “one day at a time.”

“I’m surviving. But I’m kind of glad that the show doesn’t air live because I got some time to gather myself,” she told the outlet.

She told the publication that she went into a state of denial when her mom got sick.

“Since the day [my mom] got sick, I thought mom mom was going to survive. I just did,” she said. “She was Superwoman and she did just the unimaginable. And I just thought, there’s no way she’d die. The world needs her. She’s powerful. Doctors gave her three months and then she made it to a year. I thought that’s what her story on the show was going to be — she’d survive.”

“I never went [to the worst-case scenario] in my mind,” she continued. “When it did happen, I then realized how hard it was to share my story. My life fell apart after I said yes to returning to the show, but it’s been a humbling experience because people are relating to it.”

You can catch up on old episodes of “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom 2” on Philo.

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