Ratings Plummet During ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Premiere

YouTube Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant

“Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant” has raked in some of the lowest ratings in franchise history, according to Starcasm.

The outlet shared that the ratings for the premiere episode were among the worst ever at just 161,000 views.

“The numbers are extremely disappointing for the newest installment of the franchise after the show averaged above 700,000 viewers per episode during its first run,” Starcasm wrote.

Comparatively, the Season 11 premiere of “Teen Mom 2” in April pulled in 459,000 views– and that number was half of its previous premiere viewership.

The ratings appear to consistently be dropping, since, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the Season 10A ratings were the lowest the season had seen up until that point.

Here’s what you need to know:

The New ‘Teen Mom’ Spinoff

In March 2022, news surfaced that eight cast members would join a new “Teen Mom” spinoff.

At the time, a source told The Ashley, “This is like their last-ditch effort to keep the shows going.”

The source shared that the news was “circulating” through cast and crews but in terms of who would get screen time, producers would alternate which girls were featured in each episode.

“That way it would only cover the girls who actually had something interesting happening in their lives at that moment,” the source said.

“There are just too many people working on this franchise and it’s not bringing in the ratings and money it once did. They needed to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way. The casts’ salaries are enormous and it costs a lot of money to fly all over the country to film the girls.”

Kailyn Lowry Leaves ‘Teen Mom 2′

In May, Kailyn Lowry announced that she would be leaving the “Teen Mom” Franchise after eleven years.

“I think I need to move on,” she said. “I think I need to do my own thing. I think this needs to be my farewell. I think I’m ready,” she told Dr. Drew Pinsky during a reunion episode.

She later reiterated, “I think that we should part ways. I think this should be the end.”

Speaking to E! News Daily Pop, Lowry later shared the reason behind her leaving “Teen Mom.”

“I want to focus on my self-growth and my kids and I didn’t feel like the show aligned with the goals that I have anymore,” she said. “I decided it was time for me to move on.”

“I know I get a lot of backlash for some of the choices that I make,” Lowry said. “But I’m just so open about the things that I do and the mistakes that I’ve made that I feel good about using my mistakes as an open line of communication with my kids. If they have a question about something, we can explain it, we can talk about it.”

Lowry later added, “I joked to the producers that if you guys want to give me my own show, I would be willing to tell all about my new relationship and what we’re planning and working on together.”

Lowry has four sons with three different men: Isaac with Jo Rivera, Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez.

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