Former Bachelor Villain Blames Producers for Stirring Up Drama

ABC Peter Weber and all the contestants of 'The Bachelor' Season 24

Tammy Ly’s time on season 24 of The Bachelor ended in a blaze of glory. After telling Peter Weber earlier in the season that Kelsey Weier had a “mental breakdown” and was “drinking excessively,” it was Tammy’s beef with Mykenna Dorn that proved to be her undoing.

At a two-on-one date, Tammy warned Peter that Mykenna was immature and only on The Bachelor to boost her social media presence. However, Peter sided with Mykenna and gave Tammy the boot (only to eliminate Mykenna later in the same episode).

With Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb now in the uncomfortable position of a two-on-one date of their own on The Bachelorette, Tammy jumped to Bennett’s defense with a little shade directed at the show’s producers.

It’s not hard to read between the lines: Tammy says that “someone” on the production team is to blame for stoking flames between her and others. She thinks the same is happening to force a feud between Noah and Bennett. A pair of other former contestants from Tammy’s season of The Bachelor, Kiarra Norman and Alayah Benavidez, both liked the tweet.

Tammy Has Backed Both Bennett & Noah on Social Media

Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan

ABCNoah Erb and Bennett Jordan were called to a two-on-one date on The Bachelorette.

Tammy earned a reputation for starting drama during her time on The Bachelor and was one of America’s least favorite contestants on season 24. But negative comments about contestants on The Bachelorette have been few and far between from the former villain.

She’s been a big fan of Bennett, praised Noah for stepping up during a wrestling group date, and felt bad for Chasen Nick during his squabble with Ed Waisbrot. The only contestant she didn’t seem to care for was Yosef Aborady, whom she wishes Clare Crawley would’ve body slammed.

When one Twitter user told Tammy that contestants have no one to blame but themselves if they’re convinced by production to cause friction, she defended herself and others on the show.

While taking responsibility for the conflicts she had on The Bachelor might be the better move, Tammy’s chaotic run on the show makes her a pretty solid candidate for Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe a Tammy-Bennett pairing on the beach is the romance we didn’t know we wanted.

Tammy Is 1 of Many to Subtly Call Out Bachelor(ette) Producers

Several contestants on The Bachelor

ABCKelley, Madison, Tammy, Sydney, and Natasha on season 24 of The Bachelor.

Earlier in season 16 of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley left a bad taste in the mouth of viewers of the show. Her love-at-first-sight story with Dale Moss came across as disrespectful to the other 30 men in the house who seemingly couldn’t grab a moment of Clare’s attention.

Clare didn’t seem happy with that narrative, though. On Twitter, she liked several tweets from fans who complained that producers edited the show to make her look bad. For example:

It’s not an uncommon complaint among former contestants and leads of the show. Trista Sutter, the first ever Bachelorette, said that producers tried to force narratives and hunt for drama during her wedding special.

Rozlyn Papa was sent home from season 14 of The Bachelor by Chris Harrison himself after she was accused of having “an inappropriate relationship” with a staffer on the show. She vehemently denied the claims at the “Women Tell All” episode and later told the Daily Mail that “the show absolutely manufactured the entire scenario.”

Tammy probably won’t be the last to accuse the producers of some dishonesty.

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