‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Takes Over ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Time Slot

Bachelor in Paradose

ABC 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2021 engaged couples.

The whole Bachelor franchise got delayed due to the pandemic, leaving fans to wonder when (and if) “Bachelor in Paradise” season 8 would ever air. It is usually on in the summer, however “The Bachelorette” season 19 has taken over that spot.

It was announced in May that BIP would return this fall, and it was later confirmed on Instagram that it is scheduled to start airing September 27 at 8pm ET on ABC. However, more details have recently been released.

Double Your Pleasure

According to Monsters & Critics “ABC has just shown their fall 2022 line-up, and Bachelor in Paradise has appeared twice each week.

The show will not only be on during its usual day and time of Monday, but it will also be taking over the previous time slot of Dancing with the Stars, which aired on Tuesdays.

DWTS will now be moving to Disney+, so BIP will be airing not just two hours a week but four total hours during a primetime viewing slate.”

It appears that both BIP and DWTS fans stand to benefit from this scheduling shakeup. It was announced this Spring that DWTS would be moving to Disney Plus. This change especially excited West coasters, who will now be able to vote live.

The delay to the Fall of BIP has been concerning to some, because the show has been a summer staple for so long. However, the confirmation that it will air for two hours, two nights a week has fans excited again. An Instagram fan posted, “BIP nights are definitely gonna be a thing in our place😂” Another exclaimed, “back to back shows again!!”  “Someone get the crab spray!” another Instagram user joked.

One Reddit user wrote, “that will be interesting bc we’re used to bip airing twice a week (last year it was a mix thought bc of dwts)!”  Several fans, like this one, admitted that the only reason they watch “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” is so they will recognize the people on BIP.

What Makes BIP So Popular?

For many, BIP is the highlight of the Bachelor franchise. But what makes this spinoff so special? As Glamour describes, “Bachelor in Paradise brings together discarded cast members from past Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons at a compound in Sayulita, Mexico, to compete in, essentially, a hot-person Hunger Games.”

Glamour asserts that the premise of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” essentially goes against human nature.  However, “BIP recreates something closer to the way hot people actually date…They loll around on gigantic pillows and laugh at each others’ weird, bad jokes.”

Forbes magazine has also reflected on the popularity of the show, surmising that it is part relatability, part drama and part tear-filled moments in bikinis that have “helped with the ratings, which have been nothing less than stellar.”

Distractify speculates that the reason many people like BIP better than the main shows is because of the variety. “This spinoff isn’t about one just suitor or suitor-ette, but a handful of them. And viewers don’t have to root for just one couple when many pop up from one episode to the next” the outlet explains.

Although the two-bachelorette format of season 19 has changed that dynamic slightly, the premises between the shows remain notably different. And clearly, some people prefer the format of BIP over that of its birth parents.

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