Bachelorettes Gabby & Rachel Discuss Competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey

ABC Bachelorettes, Rachel Recchia & Gabby Windey

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia proved on season 19 of “The Bachelorette” that even when competition for men is involved, women can build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Many fans were upset that the two best friends, who shared a parallel traumatic journey on Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor,” were being set up to turn against each other by being the first ever all-season dual bachelorette format.  But the women surprised critics by sticking by each other even when they were crushing on the same men.

Let the Real Competition Begin…

That may change however if they are actually formally pitted against each other on a truly competitive reality show, “Dancing with the Stars.” An interview with E! News Daily Pop revealed that both women are interested in competing on DWTS, which will be moving to Disney Plus instead of airing on ABC, starting September 19.

When asked about whether they would be showing off their hidden talents on DWTS, Recchia told E! News “maybe it could be the first time me and Gabby compete against each other? Who knows? We’ll see.”

Windey replied, “Oh, absolutely! Hands down!” After all, she already has dance experience as a former Denver Broncos cheerleader. According to Screen Rant, she retired from cheerleading in 2021.

Even though Windey now makes a living as an ICU nurse, her years of dance training and cheerleading experience will certainly come in handy if she does decide to compete on DWTS.

Windey told E! News, ““I love to dance, love to dance more than I love to make out with boys on TV – which I love to do that a lot. So, it’s saying a lot!”

Recchia is all for Windey competing on the popular dance show. She said in the interview, “Well, first of all, Gabby is a dancer and I’ve been advocating Gabby for Dancing with the Stars.”

Recchia also has cheerleading experience that could help her compete on the show. Although she is now employed as a commercial pilot, according to People, “Similar to her bachelorette counterpart, Windey, Recchia also has a cheerleading past. Though she didn’t cheer professionally — like Windey, who represented the Denver Broncos in the NFL — Recchia cheered for Ohio University, where she attended school.”

Recchia is also interested in being on DWTS, but she told E! News she does not feel like she would be as good as Windey. Could their competitive sides be coming out already?

Fans’ Reactions to the Possibility

Not everyone is as thrilled as Windey and Recchia are about the possibility of them competing on DWTS. One viewer posted on Reddit, “for the love of Christ please no! Give us a damn break from that franchise! Please Dancing with the Stars I’m literally begging and praying there’s no alum from the Bachelor(ette) this year.”

Another fan posted, “At least give us a breather, like it’s been a weird trend of one alum is kinda flat (Hannah), the next one is a strong contender (Kaitlyn), then we had Matt who was also flat but in a different way, and now if we get these two one literally says she’s a dancer and the other seems meek. Like why are these castings so similar?”

A supporter of the idea commented, “Gabby has some dance experience so might actually do well. She is also absolutely hilarious so the rehearsal footage would be fun to watch, if nothing else!”

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