Bachelor Nation Couple Causes a Stir With Wedding Post

Christina Mandrell Brayden Bowers Wedding

Heavy Christina Mandrell & Brayden Bowers tease fans with wedding photo shoot.

A couple who connected thanks to “The Bachelor” franchise has people talking after sharing a wedding-related social media post. Christina Mandrell and Brayden Bowers did not connect on-screen. However, they met thanks to the franchise and debuted their romance during the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale. They got engaged during “The Golden Wedding,” and now fans wonder if they just got married too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Christina Mandrell & Brayden Bowers’ ‘Wedding’ Was Featured on Instagram

On March 19, a couple of Instagram posts popped up connected to Mandrell and Bowers. The pair was at the White Velvet Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee where they live together. They had her car, which she named “The Dolly Carton” there, and it appeared they may have just gotten married.

As Mandrell noted on the Instagram page created for her car, the vehicle is a pink 1957 Ford Thunderbird. The bio on the page indicates the car is available for rent for photography shoots and events.

Mandrell posted a video on the page that contained highlights from the couple’s visit to the chapel. She wrote, “Since the day I bought my car @thedollycarton I’ve been dreaming of this elopement styled shoot.”

She thanked her “Incredible team of talented and creative rockstars” and noted it “Turned out even better than I could have ever imagined.”

The former “Bachelor” contestant from Zach Shallcross’ season credited the team that helped her pull it off. Her list included a photographer and a vendor for flowers and invitations. Mandrell used bride and groom emoji to represent herself and Bowers.

The Couple’s Vendors Had a Blast With the Event

Another Instagram post shared a few hours late included a different video of chapel highlights. The video was black-and-white and the caption read, “Christina & Brayden, a love story.”

An Instagram post on the page for the florist and invitation creator used Mandrell and Bowers’ event as essentially a launch for the designer’s new business.

“Though I’ve been an artist and designer for decades, and working as a freelance florist in Nashville the past three years, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people…to help introduce Cosmic Bellflower Design Co.,” the option read.

In addition, an Instagram post on the glam team’s page shared one of the couple’s videos with a caption that read, “New partnership alert!” The caption continued, “You can now book Glam Up for this little velvet chapel for your dream elopement.”

A comment from someone with Glam Up read, “This was so fun to bring to life with @christinamandrell.”

Bachelor Nation Congratulated the Couple

Fans of Mandrell and Bowers took to the comments sections of the posts to share their excitement. Some people congratulated them on getting married, while others questioned whether it was an actual wedding.

“OMG U did it without me!!!! lol. Love u both congratulations,” wrote “The Golden Bachelor” star Susan Noles.

A follower questioned, “OMG Stop. is this a photo shoot or did they get married? I’m dying.”

“SHUT UP. I love this so much. Congrats guys,” someone else commented.

“Congrats you guys, 💍💒💒” another person wrote.

“You guys are too cute.😍 I hope it last forever and ever, amen,” gushed a fan.

In response to someone’s question about the wedding cake featured in the video, Mandrell replied, “It’s a prop cake from etsy 🤫🤫.”

So far, neither Bowers nor Mandrell have corrected anybody who commented with congratulations or well wishes on their marriage. It appears, however, that this was an elaborate, fun photo shoot without an actual wedding.