‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Moves on Months After Painful Split

Danielle Maltby Moving

Heavy Danielle Maltby is moving from Ohio after Michael Allio split.

A former “Bachelor in Paradise” star revealed she is ready to make a big change months after the end of her last franchise relationship. Danielle Maltby thought she found lasting love with Michael Allio during season 8. Sadly, the couple’s love didn’t last. Now, she shared, she is officially moving on.

Here’s what you need to know:

Danielle Maltby Is Moving to Illinois

On May 9, Maltby took to Instagram to share her big news. “I have been keeping some really big news secret from Instagram,” she teased.

“It’s always been my belief that when the universe starts opening doors and windows- you go through them. And the universe has been giving so much,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star added.

Maltby revealed she had been offered a job in Chicago, Illinois that she could not turn down. She will work for Fulcrum Aesthetics & Surgery, collaborating directly with someone she has “looked up to ever since entering the field of Aesthetic Nursing.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum added, “I am actually buzzing with excitement to meet all my new patients in Chicago 🫨🤍🫶🏼!!!”

Before meeting Allio on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Maltby lived in Nashville, Tennessee. A few months after the show’s finale, she moved to Ohio, where she would be near Allio and his son, James.

As Us Weekly noted, in September 2023 Allio confirmed he and Maltby had split. Although Maltby moved to Ohio for Allio, she initially stayed after their breakup. Now, it seems the perfect opportunity presented itself at the perfect time.

Bachelor Nation Expressed Their Excitement for Maltby

“The Bachelor in Paradise” star shared that the job offer and move developed very quickly and “it felt so dang right.” In the past, Maltby admitted, “Every big move I have made has ultimately been for or about someone else.”

In this case, however, “This move is entirely based on my wants and needs.” Malty added, “Every fiber in my body knows this is the right move for me… even though it is incredibly bittersweet.”

Maltby gushed over the people she met in Cleveland, Ohio during her time there. She noted that they “all helped me find pieces of myself and put those little beasts back together again” during one of the “darkest times of my life.”

Vanessa Grimaldi, who was on Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor” along with Maltby, commented, “Excited for you and for this next chapter in your life, Cocoette LOVE AND MISS YOU!!”

An Instagram follower gushed, “Chicago welcomes you!! Live your best life girl!!”

“Woooooo!!!! I am SO happy for you! Getting out of Ohio and offfff to Chicago! Happiest for you,” someone else wrote.

“Congratulations on your new adventure! Your best years are ahead of you, no question,” added another supporter.

Fans also shared their thoughts on Maltby’s move in “The Bachelor” Subreddit.

One Redditor wrote, “Ugh she deserves the world. Just an all round amazing person!”

“Glad Danielle is finally doing something for her and not moving for someone else like she did for Michael. She deserved so much better than that scam artist,” another Redditor declared.

“Michael really flopped by dumping her. She seems like such a nice person,” suggested someone else.

“Good for her! I’ve always had a soft spot for Danielle and hope she truly gets the happiness she deserves,” a separate Reddit response read.