‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum Thinks She’s Too Good For the Show

Bachelor in Paradise Cast

ABC Bachelor in Paradise Cast.

Demi Burnett has quite a history on  “Bachelor in Paradise,” but it won’t be repeating itself. In a May 2022 interview, the 27-year-old  Bachelor Nation veteran swore off the show—and it sounds like she means it.

Viewers first met Burnett in 2019 on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor,” months before she made history with girlfriend Kristian Haggerty as the franchise’s first-ever-ever same-sex couple on the sixth season “Bachelor in Paradise.”  Last summer, Burnett vowed to “steal” all of the “Paradise” men, but her hookup with Kenny Braasch didn’t pan out—he ended the season engaged to Mari Pepin.

In 2020, Burnett began dating musician Slater Davis but ended the romance over “trust issues,” according to Us Weekly. More recently, Burnett was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Demi Burnett Revealed Why She Will Never Go on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Again

Demi Burnett and Derek Peth

ABC/John FleenorPictured: Derek Peth and Demi Burnett

While she appeared on both season 6 and 7 of the summertime spinoff set in Mexico, Burnett revealed that she won’t be turning up for season 8—or anything beyond.

“I cannot go on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ again. No,” Burnett told Us Weekly in May 2022. “Also, I’m way out of their league.”

Burnett said she would “of course” consider doing her own spinoff show but is “so single” at the moment.

“I haven’t been focusing on dating because I had to figure out everything about myself, understand myself, work on that, healed from trauma, work on where I want to be and you know, just all about Demi,” she told the outlet. “And I feel like that’s what I need to do before I’m ready to start dating, so I’m not there yet.”

She also revealed that once she steps back into the dating game she will not compromise on what she is looking for.

“I have my standards, I have my boundaries, and if you don’t want to meet them, you don’t have to be here,” Burnett said. “I have a lot of options out here! I’m not ready to settle down yet!”

Demi Burnett Previously Said Nobody Goes on ‘The Bachelor’ For the ‘Right Reasons’

Demi Burnett Kristian Haggerty

ABCDemi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty.

Burnett made history in 2019 when Kristian Haggerty, a girlfriend she had just started seeing before leaving for Mexico, joined her in “Paradise.”  The two left the show as an engaged couple, but announced their split on Instagram in November 2019, per Cosmopolitan.

Burnett later told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s “Almost Famous” podcast that she was “overwhelmed” by the fast-paced romance and wasn’t “anywhere near ready” to be in a public same-sex relationship. She also noted that she would “definitely not” have never gotten engaged to Haggerty if they hadn’t been on “Bachelor in Paradise” together.

Even before “Paradise,” Burnett was skeptical of the franchise. In 2019 she told Vulture that “nobody” joins the show for the right reasons, which is supposed to be to find their future spouse.

“Everybody acts like they’re there for the right reasons, but nobody is there for the right reason,” she said. “It’s bulls***.”

Instead, Burnett said most contestants join the show for an “opportunity.”

“You never know what could come from it,” she said. “Everyone is always scared to admit that, but that’s why everyone goes on. If you honestly want to date someone and all you want is a relationship, you can go on a dating app. You don’t need to go on national television.”

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