‘Golden Bachelor’ Lady Has ‘No Regrets’ Ahead of Gerry Turner’s Finale

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Heavy/ABC Faith Martin says she has no regrets from "The Golden Bachelor."

The finale of the debut season of “The Golden Bachelor” airs on Thursday, November 30. Gerry Turner has made some heartbreaking decisions throughout his journey to find love again. Despite the difficult eliminations he has already faced, spoilers indicate there is more heartbreak on the way. Faith Martin was left stunned and heartbroken after her hometown date when Turner eliminated her, but she has opened up and revealed some interesting tidbits about her feelings now.

Here’s what you need to know:

Faith Martin Believes Gerry Turner Did the Best He Could

On November 22, “The Golden Bachelor” star took to Instagram to share a sweet pre-Thanksgiving post. Martin posted a photo of her with her two dogs and wrote, “My two besties and a good hike are the perfect remedy for a broken heart!”

Martin’s post received over 5,400 “likes” and dozens of comments. Quite a few people noted they were rooting for her to become the first “Golden Bachelorette” star. Some others declared Turner made a mistake in eliminating her.

She replied to a handful of supportive comments on that particular Instagram post. In one reply, Martin shared, “I’m healing slowly and feeling hopeful.”

“The Golden Bachelor” star consistently replies to quite a few comments from fans and followers on her Instagram page. In one, when a show fan criticized finalist Theresa Nist, Martin stood up for her. She noted, “Teresa meant no harm. That was an UNINTENTIONAL misunderstanding…she’s a very kind person.”

In another case, when a fan suggested she was better off without Turner, Martin shared a lengthy reply. “It’s a very strange scenario to be in. He did his best to navigate his feelings. It’s truly impossible to see it objectively…until you’re in his shoes.”

“The Golden Bachelor” star further explained in her reply, “He did the best he could do to find the woman for him. We all knew that going in. No one can be blamed for how they feel. We are all mature adults. And we will all be okay!”

Despite her heartbreak over Turner eliminating her, Martin’s response continued, “It’s never a bad thing to be loved. Even if it’s short lived! I have no regrets. I don’t think any of us do! 👍❤️🌹”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Star Was Willing to Compromise on Where to Live

Another “The Golden Bachelor” fan asked Martin on one of her Instagram posts if she really could have seen a future with Turner. Martin replied, “It’s definitely not easy to find men to date at least where I live. But yes all your points were accurate.”

Martin added, “He is wonderful but we will both move in different directions now and hope for continued happiness for both our futures! ❤️”

She also dismissed the idea that Turner should not have told her that he loved her. Martin responded, “It really is okay. To be loved is NEVER a bad thing, even if it doesn’t last or it’s not as strong as for someone else, or if it’s form changes.” She continued, “It’s always better to be loved than not loved. I have no regrets. ❤️”

“The Golden Bachelor” fans might also be interested to know how Martin responded to the idea she was unwilling to relocate. Before Turner eliminated her, she told him she couldn’t leave where she lived in large part because her beloved horse’s remains were located there.

One follower wrote that Martin “lost him” when she told him that about her horse. “Look at his face after you said this, that was the nail in the coffin.”

“I would have been willing to share time [in] both places. But it wouldn’t have been fair if I wasn’t honest by saying I’m not someone who can just see my kids & Grandkids twice a year!” “The Golden Bachelor” star explained.

Martin added, “I had hoped we would move at least closer to NW. The age difference also was a factor. He’s 11 years older. I’m sure he made the best choice for him. And I’m okay with that! No regrets! ❤️.”