Woman’s Voice in ‘Golden Bachelor’ Video May Give Away the Winner

golden bachelor

ABC The Golden Bachelor

Eagle-eyed “Golden Bachelor” fans have spotted a clue in a promo video for the show. They think it’s given away the winner.

Although it’s not technically a spoiler because it’s not clear whether they are right, stop reading if you don’t want to know the answer!

“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner has narrowed down his final choices to Minneapolis fitness instructor Leslie Fhima and New Jersey financial analyst Theresa Nist. The promo video for “The Golden Bachelor” contains a woman’s voice saying a key line that may give away who won.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Are Focusing on a Woman’s Voice Saying, ‘You Made It Sound Like You Chose Me’

Fans in a “Golden Bachelor” Facebook group devoted to the show spotted the moment in the promo video above where a woman’s voice says, “You made it sound like you chose me” in a heartbroken tone, as if the woman is crying.

The edit spliced the comment right before a frame of the contestant Ellen Goltzer looking distraught. However, fans pointed out that Ellen never made that comment before leaving the show. And most of them think the voice sounds like Fhima’s.

“Go to .30 where Ellen has her head down and the voice over says, ‘YOU MADE IT SOUND LIKE YOU CHOSE ME.’ Ellen never said that. Whose voice is this? I think it’s Leslie’s,” a fan posted in the “Golden Bachelor” fan page.

Gerry Turner Told Leslie Fhima That He Loved Her & She Was the One

leslie fhima

ABCLeslie Fhima with Gerry Turner.

Throughout the course of the show, Turner has definitely said things to Fhima that could make her think he chose her. For example, he repeatedly told Fhima he loved her and that she was the one.

“That was either Faith or Leslie… definitely not Ellen’s voice,” one fan wrote in the comment thread, but, of course, Faith Martin has already been cut by Turner.

“I agree! It sounds like Leslie!” another fan wrote. Another fan agreed that the voice sounded like Fhima and noted that the scene in question has not aired yet, which increases the possibility. It’s not conclusive, however, with other fans thinking it could be Nist or even Goltzer in a scene that never made the show.

Other clues have emerged in different videos, but they don’t all point in the same direction. For example, some fans think they can hear Turner giggling in a dancing video Fhima posted with her granddaughter. And other fans think they’ve spotted a woman in a mirror behind Turner in an interview. The problem with that video is that the woman is clearly a brunette, as are Fhima and Nist, leading fans to be divided over which women they believe is in the mirror video.

For her part, Martin has commented that she thought Turner had the strongest connection with Nist, saying he had a “thing” for Nist from the get-go. Martin has also revealed that she thinks Turner did not pick her because of their age gap and because they live in different states so far apart and she was hesitant to fully relocate due to a desire to stay close to her sons.

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