Jade Roper Provides Miscarriage Update: ‘Heartbroken Yet at Peace’

Jade Roper Tolbert

Getty Jade Roper Tolbert attends an event.

Former “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Jade Roper has shared an update on the difficult situation her family has been working through over the past few weeks. Roper was experiencing a “missed miscarriage,” and managing the situation did not end how she had hoped it would.

In April, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star shared a big update with fans. She revealed that she and her husband, Tanner Tolbert, were trying for another baby. She said she was not pregnant at that point, but that she really felt their family was meant to have one more child. The couple currently has three children. As People details, the family includes Emerson, 5, Brooks, 3, and Reed, 2.

In 2019, Tolbert and Roper also revealed they had experienced a pregnancy loss shortly after getting engaged on “Bachelor in Paradise.” She shared via Instagram, “I had a miscarriage. These words have burned inside me for over three years. I was honestly so scared to share our story.” Now, Roper is grieving the loss of her latest pregnancy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jade Roper Hoped to Manage the Miscarriage Naturally

While Roper and Tolbert kept that initial loss to themselves for several years, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star approached her latest loss differently. Unfortunately, before she had an opportunity to joyfully announce her pregnancy, she received devastating news.

“I’m currently experiencing what is called a missed miscarriage,” Roper revealed in an Instagram post on August 13. “While his heart has stopped and he has stopped growing (for some time now), my body hasn’t released the pregnancy yet.”

Roper shared additional details in the days after the initial revelation about her missed miscarriage. On August 29, she shared a photo on Instagram showing her in a hospital bed. “Well, here we are. I didn’t want or expect it to go this way, but it is,” she detailed.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star initially explained she was hoping to navigate the situation naturally, sharing that she was “trusting in timing and in my body under the care of my provider.” As the Mayo Clinic details, there are several paths a patient can take with a missed miscarriage.

“If you have no signs of infection, you might choose to let the miscarriage progress naturally… Unfortunately, it might take up to three or four weeks,” the Mayo Clinic notes. This was the path Roper hoped to take. However, if the miscarriage does not progress, “medical or surgical treatment will be needed,” the clinic adds.

Roper Needed Surgical Treatment for the Miscarriage

Less than a week after detailing her missed miscarriage, Roper revealed in an Instagram Story she had been taken to the hospital. “Still experiencing a missed miscarriage and my body isn’t releasing the pregnancy. Worried a bit about infection, so here we are,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star explained. Luckily, Roper did not have an infection at that point, and she was released to go home.

After another week or so passed, Roper found she needed to change course. Despite wanting to proceed naturally, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star ultimately had to go the surgical route to resolve the missed miscarriage.

“I so badly wanted to bury him under a beautiful tree in our yard, to see any glimpse of his tiny body, which is why I held out so long trying to trust my body,” Roper explained. She added, “But, it is time to heal and get to the other side of this loss.”

The last part of the caption on Roper’s post was directed to her lost baby, whom the couple had named Beau. “And to Beau, I carried your body for almost 5 months, your soul for a little less, but I carry you with me in my heart every where and for always.”

Roper later posted a photo on her Instagram Stories. “Home. Resting. Heartbroken yet at peace,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” star shared over a selfie showing her at home with her hospital bracelet still on her wrist.

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