Joey Graziadei & His Lady Share Wedding Timing & Relocation Plans

Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor" Joey Graziadei and his lady reveal what's next for them.

Joey Graziadei no longer has to play coy about how his journey as “The Bachelor” ends. The March 25 finale revealed his chose Kelsey Anderson and the two got engaged during the final rose ceremony.

During the “After the Final Rose” segment of the finale, Graziadei and Anderson reunited on-camera for the first time since filming wrapped. The lovebirds talked about the current status of their relationship and provided some insight into what they plan to do next.

Graziadei and Anderson are excited to start their life together. They won’t have to be long-distance any longer, as they already have relocation plans. However, wedding bells will not be ringing for a little while.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei & Kelsey Anderson Aren’t Planning a Wedding Yet

During “The Bachelor” finale, Graziadei and Anderson revealed he will head to the New Orleans, Louisiana area to be with her for a while. She expects them to have an engagement party while there, telling People, “I’m excited to celebrate our love and for everyone to meet Joey.”

They are already planning beyond that, though.

In terms of a wedding, “The Bachelor” couple told People they are not in a rush. “We have no interest in putting it off, we just don’t want to rush through it,” Graziadei explained. “We want it to be something that feels special together,” he added.

Anderson shared, “I honestly don’t know what I want my wedding to look like. I definitely want all my close friends and family there.”

She also shared that the couple will probably wait two or three years before getting married. “I think I want a very timeless wedding, but where? Not sure. I guess we’re going to have to figure that out.”

Right now, the couple wants to enjoy their engagement. Graziadei shared, “We have the rest of our lives to celebrate it. We’re going to take it day by day and just enjoy this time.”

‘The Bachelor’ Couple Is Ready for a New York City Adventure

The couple has set their sights on moving to New York City after some time in New Orleans. Graziadei is from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, so his family will not be too far away.

Anderson has been drawn to living in NYC for some time now, she told People. “I’ve always wanted to live there and Joey is supporting me in that,” she noted.

“We’re young and I think now is the time to live in a tiny, cramped apartment together and experience it,” Anderson added. She continued, “Even if we hate it, at least we can say we did it.”

Graziadei says the couple’s time in NYC is “Going to be fun.” They anticipate they’ll “spend a year or two there,” he explained.

“The Bachelor” also noted, “Anyone that knows me personally knows that beach, warm weather, all of that has been my vibe. I lived in Hawaii.” Graziadei added, “But I’ve really come to love New York from the time I spent there.”

“It does have a different feel. I’ve never lived in a big city. My family lives in Philly area and I have close friends [there], so the idea of being close to them finally is going to be great,” Graziadei explained.

He suggested, “I think it is the right time to do it, so we’re excited.”