Joey Graziadei Shares Sweet Gesture & Favorite Moment Viewers Didn’t See

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei talk about what wasn't shown on "The Bachelor."

Now that the season 28 finale of “The Bachelor” has aired, Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson can talk about parts of their love story viewers didn’t get to see.

During a recent podcast appearance, Graziadei shared his favorite moment with Anderson that wasn’t shown.

“The Bachelor” fans may have noticed when Daisy Kent surprised Anderson in her room before the final rose ceremony, Anderson quickly grabbed a few pieces of paper from a table and tucked them away.

Now, Graziadei and Anderson have revealed what those papers were. They happen to be tied to his favorite moment viewers didn’t see.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Gave Kelsey Anderson a ‘Love Letter’ Before the Finale

During the March 27 episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, “The Bachelor” couple was asked about favorite moments from their experience that were not shown on television.

Graziadei didn’t have to think about the one he wanted to share. “One of my favorite moments… the Last Chance date that we had, the one right before the proposal and everything,” he shared.

“The Bachelor” star added, “I wanted to do something really special” for Anderson.

He wanted to give Anderson a “security blanket” of sorts so she would know how strongly he felt for her. Graziadei wanted Anderson to know “that it was her, like, I knew at that moment I want to lock this in.”

“The Bachelor” star explained that he only journaled briefly while filming in Malta. Graziadei noted that while in Malta, he “Decided to write the date and write a note of how I was feeling about Kelsey at that moment.”

The note was, admittedly, “A long-winded note.” He shared that they were sad viewers didn’t get to see what he did with that note.

During their Last Chance date, Graziadei revealed, he read that long journal entry to Anderson. He explained it was important to him that Anderson know how strongly he felt for her early on in filming.

He mentioned that when he wrote that note in Malta, and recognized his strong feelings for Anderson, it was before “The Bachelor” pair had even had a one-on-one date. “It just showed that we built something strong and I did feel like I needed to get those thoughts out.”

They wish that sweet moment of Graziadei reading his note to Anderson during that last date was aired. “That’s still a moment we shared, so that’s all that matters,” Graziadei said.

The Note Was Briefly Shown in the Finale

As “The Bachelor” couple talked about the note, one of the podcast hosts made an interesting connection. She recalled the scene in the finale when Kent surprised Anderson in her hotel room before the final rose ceremony.

The ladies walked over to the couch to sit and talk. As Kent sat down, Anderson swiftly gathered papers together. Then, she tucked them away out of Kent’s sight.

Anderson confirmed those papers were the journal pages she had received from Graziadei. “Yes, I was like, she doesn’t need to see this. That was his note to me, and at the end of it, it said, ‘In Kelsey I see a future, I see a wife.'”

She quipped that maybe the scene of Graziadei reading Anderson the letter wasn’t included because “I was bawling. Like, she’s been crying too much.”

Graziadei joked that producers may have figured they couldn’t include another dramatic note between the two. “The Bachelor” viewers had already seen Anderson leave a note for Graziadei telling him they needed to talk.

In reality, that may not have been included simply because it would eliminate any remaining doubt for viewers that Graziadei chose Anderson over Kent.


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