Kelsey Anderson Admits She Felt ‘Terrible’ & Like She ‘Let a Lot of People Down’

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei

Heavy/ABC Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei talk about spoiling their season.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei no longer have to keep their “The Bachelor” engagement a secret. During one podcast appearance recorded after the finale aired, the couple talked about accidentally spoiling the ending of their journey.

As the two explained what happened, Anderson admitted she felt awful about it and worried she had disappointed everybody.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kelsey Anderson & Joey Graziadei Didn’t Anticipate What Happened

During the March 26 episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Anderson and Graziadei talked about “The Bachelor” spoilers for their season.

At one point, Anderson admitted that an accidental social media slip left her feeling “terrible.” She admitted, “I, like, couldn’t sleep that night, I felt so bad. I felt like I let a lot of people down.”

As the couple noted during the podcast, for much of their “Bachelor” season, it was rumored that Daisy Kent received Graziadei’s final rose.

Podcaster and blogger Reality Steve reported Kent as the winner in late November. It wasn’t until February that he discovered he had been wrong.

Ultimately, an eagle-eyed fan on “The Bachelor” subreddit picked up on tiny details that turned the spoilers upside down.

Anderson Initially Embraced the Incorrect Spoiler

Throughout the time when “The Bachelor” fans believed Kent was with Graziadei, Anderson admitted at first she thought, “This is awesome!” She quipped, “Initially, I was like, heck yeah…no one knows, this is so sick!”

As the incorrect spoiler continued to swirl, Anderson began to tire of it. “Then the weeks went on and on and people were like, it’s Daisy…I was like, that hurts a little, you know?”

Despite becoming slightly annoyed, Anderson noted, “It is what it is and I think that I just had to swipe past all that social media stuff.”

She also shared, “It’s all out and I think that people are really happy with the way it ended and, I mean, I am.”

Shortly before “The Bachelor” finale aired, Graziadei and Anderson slipped up during a “Happy Couple” visit.

A “Happy Couple” or “Safe House” visit is when a final couple secretly spends a few days together. Producers arrange it and a rental home in California is frequently used. The couple doesn’t leave the house while they’re there, so as not to spoil that they’re together.

Graziadei and Anderson had multiple safe house visits after filming ended and before the finale aired. However, in one case, Graziadei acknowledged, “We did mess up a little bit.”

He admitted they had no idea how good some “The Bachelor” fans were at sleuthing out spoilers. He joked that Anderson had said, “They should work for the FBI.”

‘The Bachelor’ Stars Never Meant to Spoil Their Ending


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The couple explained that during one visit, Anderson filmed Graziadei for a TikTok he wanted to post. They thought they picked a spot in the rental home with a blank background behind Graziadei.

Later, Anderson spent time in the backyard and recorded a video about her mother that she posted on her TikTok page.

“We had no idea they were going to put it together,” Graziadei said of the sleuthing community. Anderson noted that a “sliver of a cabinet” and part of a fence were all it took for the incorrect spoiler to unravel.

Graziadei marveled at how it was put together. “It was crazy… it was so farfetched” that it took so little for people to spot those small details and figure it all out.

“It still made us realize, wow, we have to be careful. The couple added that when things involving fans seemed intense, they reminded themselves “It’s cuz people care, they were invested.”

“The Bachelor” stars noted they had wanted people to enjoy the journey. They never wanted to ruin it for anybody. Anderson explained that spoiling “The Bachelor” ending for their season had been completely unintentional.

Graziadei also mentioned that the team behind the show had been “Just so excited because the spoiler was wrong.” Even though they were disappointed when sleuthers determined that Graziadei was with Anderson, not Kent, they knew it had been an accident.