Are Jason Tartick & Kaitlyn Bristowe Planning on Having a Baby Soon?

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick on the red carpet.

Getty Images Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick.

It sounds like Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe are ready to start a family! Jason and Kaitlyn have been dating since 2018, and while they haven’t gotten engaged (yet), they seem to have a baby plan. Sort of. While they haven’t set a time to actually start trying to conceive, they both want to have a family.

“We both want a family, Jason told Hollywood Life. “It’s funny — we go back and forth as far as time tables because we have plans and you have ideas of what you want to come and out of left field things happen, right? We’re on the same page,” he added.

Jason also told the outlet that Kaitlyn’s latest opportunities (competing on Dancing With the Stars and helping out on The Bachelorette) were unexpected, thus pushing out their baby timeline a bit.

“We never expected ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and that was a huge change. And where we were going to live, how long we were going to live and what we were going to do. Just as we were settling in and getting comfortable at home and looking for a new home in Nashville, Kaitlyn got the call for Bachelorette. As much as you like to plan things, the unexpected can happen and in these examples, the unexpected is unbelievable things for Kaitlyn,” he told the outlet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jason & Kaitlyn Would Love to Have Twins — in a ‘Perfect Situation’

Jason and Kaitlyn are proud human parents to two doggos, Ramen and Pinot. However, they do want to add some non-fur children into the mix — and they would love to have twins!

“I think in a perfect situation, we joke around — having any healthy kids would be ideal but we always joke around, ‘How perfect would it be if we had twins?'” Jason told Hollywood Life.

In October 2020, Kaitlyn shared an experience that she had with a psychic on her “Off the Vine” podcast, via Us Weekly. The psychic told Kaitlyn that she saw two children in her future.

“[The psychic] was just saying something crazy was going to happen in November on TV for me. And she said I’m gonna have two kids and that it’s gonna happen soonish,” Kaitlyn said. Just then, her podcast guest Clio de la Llave said, “twins!” and Kaitlyn was instantly on board.

“Oh, my god, I’d be so happy,” she said. She also added, “When she said two kids and soonish I was like that is probably what will happen next.”

Kaitlyn Recently Opened up About Wanting to Have a Baby in 2021

It seems that Kaitlyn really has been thinking about having a baby sometime soonish. Earlier this year, she chatted with Us Weekly about her plans to start a family in 2021.

“I want to feel strong to have a baby,” Bristowe told the outlet.

“I want to go into the new year with a healthy mindset. 2020 has taught us to pivot and to overcome a lot and to just have a good perspective on things. … So I think a New Year’s resolution for me would just be really mentally and physically working on myself to feel strong, to overcome anything that comes my way in 2021,” she added.

Of course, in addition to her work opportunities, things have been a bit crazy for Kaitlyn and her beau. The two came down with COVID-19 around the holidays, which put a damper on some things, but they have since made a full recovery.

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