Recently Split ‘Bachelorette’ Pair Hangs out Together, Full of Smiles

Swing ride at fair

Getty A swing ride operates at a California fair.

Fans of “The Bachelorette” have had a couple of splits to wrap their heads around in recent days, but at least one pair seems to remain on good terms with one another. Both Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya, as well as Katie Thurston and John Hersey, confirmed the ends of their relationships recently. Now, some “Bachelor Nation” fans are wondering if Thurston and Hersey may manage remain good friends, at the very least.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hersey Shared Some County Fair Fun

In a series of Instagram stories on June 23, Hersey shared some videos from the San Diego County Fair. He tagged the rest of his group in the uploads, and the group contained both Thurston and fellow “The Bachelor” veteran Tammy Ly. One of the short videos he posted showed Ly and Thurston on a ride together, both women laughing as they whipped through the air. Ly shared some Instagram stories highlighting her fair adventures as well. In one shot, she was holding a corn dog as the rest of the group faced her and smiled. Both Hersey and Thurston were in the snapshot, although they were not standing next to one another. “Just my buddies and a good corn dog,” Ly noted.

Another photo Ly shared showed a strip of pictures taken in a photo booth. She joked, “Fitting 6 ppl in a 2 person booth was… a task.” Indeed, the group of six friends all got their faces into each of the photos, and it appeared Ly and Thurston were in the front, with Hersey behind Thurston. It certainly appeared that everybody had a blast at the county fair.

Thurston Teased Some Fair Highlights Too

Thurston also uploaded some glimpses into the day at the fair to her Instagram page too. However, what she shared did not include Hersey. In one post, she uploaded a short video showing her on a ride with Ly, and her caption noted, “I dedicate this summer to myself.” “The Bachelorette” star received a lot of love in response to that post.

“This is magical,” noted Elyse Dehlbom, who originally appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor.” Thurston replied directly to Dehlbom’s note, sharing she was “manifesting the best summer yet.” Ly commented on Thurston’s post as well, writing, “I love us,” and “The Bachelor” alum Sharleen Joynt encouraged “The Bachelorette” star’s determination to dedicate the summer to herself by writing, “AS YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD.”

Another Instagram story of Thurston’s revealed she had been hit with a couple of major disappointments, seemingly just ahead of her fair outing. She had been pursuing both a new job and a new rental home. Unfortunately, she got emails turning her down within minutes of one another. Rather than wallow over the bad news, Thurston signaled she was determined to hold her head high. A follow-up Instagram story noted, “Rejection is Redirection. Be like a river, and go with the flow.”

“The Bachelorette” fans never miss much, and they definitely noticed Hersey’s posts revealing he had been at the fair with Thurston. However, it certainly appeared the outing including the two was friendly with no hint of romance. As one person on Reddit suggested, “Katie and John were great friends before dating and now can be great friends again.” A few people suggested perhaps Thurston and Hersey would have been better off staying friends all along, rather than ever explore a romance. Another encouraged people not to go too deep into analyzing it and felt, “this is a great and healthy sign that all is well here.” Many “Bachelor Nation” fans will be eager to see if these two can remain friendly despite the end of their romance.

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