Kelley Flanagan Disses Former ‘Bachelor’ Flame Peter Weber: ‘I Wanted More of a Man’

Kelley Flanagan

Getty Kelley Flanagan attends the REVOLVE Gallery NYFW Presentation And Pop-up.

Kelley Flanagan did not earn Peter Weber’s final rose while he was “The Bachelor,” but the two ended up dating for a while after his season aired. Early in their relationship, it seemed “Bachelor Nation” might see a success story develop between these two, and had rooted for them while his season aired. As ET Online noted, they even made plans to move to New York City together, but then Weber and Flanagan split. The breakup seemed dramatic, and now Flanagan has opened up about the relationship. Fans will not want to miss the brutal honesty she dished out in a recent podcast appearance.

Here’s what you need to know:

Flanagan Noted There Were Many Issues in Her Relationship With Weber

During the May 26 episode of “Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation,” Flanagan joined Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo for a chat. Naturally, she was asked about her relationship with Weber. “I don’t think there was one specific thing that led to the downfall for me and Peter. It was just a lot of little things,” Flanagan initially said about the couple’s split. Although both Flanagan and Weber have danced around the reasons behind the breakup in the past, things were typically kept vague. In this case, however, Flanagan decided she was ready to be quite blunt.

“Peter and I had a lot of fun, but I don’t know if I looked up to him in the way that I wanted to look up to my spouse,” Flanagan admitted. “I have this with my brothers and my dad, where if I’m in a moment where I need some sound advice and look for who to go to on important decisions, but with Peter, it was just fun and games,” she explained.

Weber Was Fun, but Not Future Husband Material

Flanagan was not done yet, though. “I could have fun with him, but I wanted more of a man that I could look up to,” the former “Bachelor” contestant acknowledged. “I just didn’t look up to Peter in the way that I always hoped I would look up to my husband.”

“Bachelor Nation” fans over on Reddit had a lot to say about Flanagan’s comments. “I feel like you need to hold yourself accountable sometimes. Peter showed us who he was on that season. Why did you think you could fix him?” one person questioned of Flanagan.

“She comes off petty as h*** about Peter when [in] reality she clowned herself there,” someone else declared.

“She sure talks about Peter a lot considering how long it’s been since they broke up,” another poster noted.

Weber got his fair share of criticism as well. One person suggested he seemed like a “child in a man’s body” with a “childlike wonder,” and quite a few others agreed with that take on him. Flanagan’s recent comments about Weber, so long after they dated and split, ultimately did not seem to resonate with “Bachelor Nation” fans as much as she perhaps thought it would and the general consensus seemed to be that it was time for her to move on and let go of this past relationship entirely.

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