‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kelsey Anderson Opens Up About Mom’s Tragic Death

kelsey anderson

ABC Kelsey Anderson, "Bachelor" contestant.

Bachelor” contestant Kelsey Anderson has shared emotional tributes to her mother on her Instagram page.

In the February 12 episode of the show, Anderson revealed to “Bachelor” Joey Graziadei that her family had suffered a great tragedy. Her mother died of breast cancer.

Anderson grew emotional as she remembered her mom. On Instagram, she has shared more details about her mother over the years. Anderson is a 25-year-old project manager from New Orleans, Louisiana, according to her “Bachelor” bio.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kelsey Anderson called Her Mother Her ‘Hero’ & ‘My Heart’

In 2019, Anderson shared a picture of her parents dancing on her Instagram page.

“One year without you and my heart still hurts like it was yesterday. I feel like the luckiest kid in the world for having a mom like you, even if I didn’t get all the time I would have liked with you. You’re one in a trillion. I love you mommy. My hero. My heart. 2.11.18,” she wrote in the caption.

A fan wrote in the comment thread, “I’m here after the episode… to see my mom passed away only 12 days before yours 💛 I felt so choked up watching & now feel so connected. im so sorry you’re dealing with this too, your mom is so proud of you.”

In 2020, Anderson again offered tribute to her mom. She wrote:

Miss you everyday but today is extra hard. Two years without my mommy. Two years so much has happened, Matthew got a full athletic scholarship to Nebraska , Dad is working on his Doctorate, birthdays have passed and I have grown so much. I miss your laugh and your positive energy always. I wish you were with me, I wish I could call you when I have bad days and when I have good days. I love you.

She concluded the post by writing, “Metastatic breast cancer takes 113 loved ones every day” and shared a link.

Kelsey Anderson Revealed That Her Mom Fought Hard After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In 2017, Anderson revealed on her Instagram page that her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer years before, but the cancer had spread.

“In 2011 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer since then it has move to her bones and liver,” she wrote.

“The doctors told her she has 6 months to a year left, but she isn’t giving up she’s doing research and is trying whatever she can, if anyone has any advice or family that has been in this situation please let me know ! Also she has a gofundme page in my bio for the trials and travel expensive fees because the insurance won’t cover it. Please pray for my mom. ❤️❤️”

She shared a photo with her mother.

Anderson’s “Bachelor” bio says she grew up in Germany on a U.S. military base. Her bio reads,

Kelsey A. is really something special. The Southern sweetheart spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany on a U.S. military base, and she’s extremely close with her big, loving family. The project manager now lives in New Orleans, where she enjoys taking the streetcar to new restaurants, walking around the French market, and having a picnic with her friends. Kelsey A. likes making thoughtful gifts for her partner when she’s in love, so hopefully Joey’s ready to be showered with homemade tokens of her affection. Kelsey A. wants to meet a man with a great sense of humor who’s understanding and who loves giving back as much as she does. She hopes to start her own nonprofit one day, and she’s hoping Joey is along for the ride.

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