‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Shares New Look: ‘The SHORTEST I’ve Ever Cut My Hair!!’

Blond woman on cliff

Pixabay A blond woman looks out over the scenery.

A former “Bachelor” contestant and “Bachelor in Paradise” “winner” recently took to Instagram to share a transformation she had made. Krystal Nielson decided it was time for a change, and her fans loved the results.

“Bachelor Nation” first met Nielson when she appeared on season 22 of “The Bachelor” with Arie Luyendyk, Jr. She made a big impression that season, although it was not necessarily in a positive way. She joined season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” and it was there she showed a different side of herself. Nielson fell for another “villain,” Chris Randone, and the two ended the season engaged. As Bachelor Nation detailed, Randone and Nielson two got married in Mexico in front of cameras during season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, they subsequently announced their separation just eight months later. She has since moved on with a new beau, and the couple welcomed a daughter in March 2021.

Nielson Decided She Needed a Change

On July 27, Nielson shared a short video clip on her Instagram page. At the beginning of the video, she toyed with her long blonde tresses before shaking her head in a “no” motion. Her hair was not styled during this portion of the clip, and Nielson made it clear she was not loving that particular look. The video then transitioned to show the former “Bachelor” contestant post-haircut. “Bob or Lob??” she teasingly asked about how she should describe her somewhat shorter style.

Nielson added, “Either way, it’s the SHORTEST I’ve ever cut my hair!!” It was obvious Nielson could tell a major difference in the length, and she admitted, “kinda in love.” She also asked her Instagram followers if they liked the shorter look on her. Several thousand people “liked” the post, and more than 300 people commented. The overwhelming consensus was that people loved the updated look on Nielson.

Nearly Everybody Raved Over Nielson’s New Look

Fellow “Bachelor in Paradise” veteran Tia Booth commented, “So cute!!!,” and quite a few fans noted they loved the new look.

“Looks adorable on you! You have the frame and cheek bone structure to really pull this off… But seriously girl,” a fan noted, while adding both a fire emoji and a heart at the end.

“Love your hair! It makes you look so young!” another fan raved.

“Annnnnnd it’s Officially my fav!!!!! You look so pretty!!!” someone else gushed.

At least one of Nielson’s fans urged her to go even shorter, and another pointed out she looked gorgeous no matter what style she chose. In addition, it appeared one lone fan admitted a preference for Nielson’s longer hair versus the somewhat shorter style. Overall, however, the comments section of her Instagram post was filled with rave reviews.

In June, Nielson posted a video on her Instagram page that showed several new style options. She asked her followers to help her pick one, and it seemed the first style she showed in the clip garnered the most votes. Shortly after that, the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star shared an Instagram update with a new style, which looked to be very similar to the one fans picked. Now, just a matter of weeks later, Nielson’s latest hair update looks a bit shorter still. She beamed as she showed off the results, so it seemed she found just what she was looking for in a transformation.