Who Is Leslie Fhima, ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Woman Who Dated Prince?

Lslie Fhima

Heavy/ABC Leslie Fhima meets Gerry Turner on "The Golden Bachelor."

On the premiere of “The Golden Bachelor,” leading man Gerry Turner met 22 women ranging in age from 60 to 75 as he looked for a second chance at love six years after the death of his wife, Toni.

But one woman stood out – because she approached The Bachelor mansion wearing granny pajamas and using a walker. After Turner asked her if she could use some help, the woman burst out of her granny gear to reveal a black bustier outfit as she formally introduced herself as Leslie from Minneapolis. “Do I look like I need help?” she cracked to Turner.

“When I found out Gerry was the Bachelor, I was like, ‘Move over b******,’” the 64-year-old said in a taped confessional. She later showed Turner some of her dance moves during the limo night cocktail party.

But there’s a lot more to know about contestant Leslie Fhima – and she had a few more surprises as viewers met her on opening night — including a very famous ex.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Leslie Fhima Was a National Aerobics Champion in the 1980s

Early on, viewers learned that Leslie is a fitness fanatic who runs marathons and loves dancing. According to her Bachelorette bio on ABC, she also works as a personal trainer.  After teaching at Lifetime for years, she founded her own business, Soul 612, she told MSP magazine in an interview.

Leslie’s passion for fitness dates back decades. On Instagram, she revealed that she was a national aerobics champion in the 1980s. Her partner in the winning competition was her close friend David Gray, who went on to found the fitness franchise The FIRM.

2. She is a Former Professional Figure Skater

Leslie Fhima

ABCLeslie Fhima.

Leslie is also a former professional figure skater. In an interview with Redshoes News, she revealed that after graduating from high school in 1977 she embarked on her professional skating career.

“I auditioned for the Ice Follies while still in high school, and got hired, she said. “I left home a week after graduation for my new career. I skated professionally for three years and made lasting friendships. …While in the Ice Follies, I took up running, which kept me healthy and in good shape. The show hired me to work people out before nightly performances. I even got to work with Peggy Fleming.”

3. She Once Dated Prince & Claims He Wrote a Song About Her

On “The Golden Bachelor” premiere, Leslie revealed that she had a very famous ex-boyfriend. “Fun fact, when I was younger, I dated Prince,” she said. “He wrote ‘Sexy Dancer’ about me.”

Prince released the song “Sexy Dancer” in 1979, where it appeared as the third track on his self-titled album.

Leslie’s son, Eli Fhima, also spoke out about her famous former beau. He told Star Tribune that his mom dated the music legend when she was in her “late teens and early 20s.” “Not only did she date Prince, but she broke up with Prince,” Eli said as he revealed that his mom ended her relationship with the future superstar to tour Europe with the Ice Follies.

Prince died in 2016 from an accidental fentanyl overdose at age 57.

4. Leslie is a Mom of 3 and Has 3 Grandchildren

In addition to Eli, Leslie has two other children, a daughter named Chloe and a son named Zack Chazin, per Gossip Next Door. She also has three grandchildren who call her “Glama.”

On “The Golden Bachelor,” Leslie revealed that she was married twice. One of her ex-husbands is restaurant owner David Fhima. “I have really good friends and family so my life is really full, but it’s missing a big piece: love,” she said. “Ironically, I was married twice for seven years, so I haven’t had a lifelong partner, but I’m so ready for it.”

5. Leslie Fhima Recently Posed With a Popular Rapper

While she has that past with Prince, Leslie’s ABC bio reveals she is also a fan of Lady Gaga and Post Malone. In August 2023, she also posed for a photo with Minnesota rapper Yung Gravy and wrote that she is “so proud” of him.

Yung Gravy is known for his affinity for older women, but in this case, it turns out the “Oops”  singer is actually a client of Leslie’s son Zack, who works for LiveNation.

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