Leslie Fhima Receives Loads of Support From a Bachelor Nation Legend

Leslie Fhima

Heavy/ABC "The Golden Bachelor" star Leslie Fhima is getting lots of support.

During the finale of “The Golden Bachelor,” viewers watched as Gerry Turner broke Leslie Fhima’s heart. She spoke her mind both during the pre-taped segment of the finale as well as the live portion, and fans stepped up to lend their support.

It turns out Fhima has been getting a lot of support from a very helpful franchise insider, too. Trista Sutter, the original “Bachelorette,” shared she’s been there for Fhima during this tough time.

Trista Sutter Felt a Connection With Leslie Fhima

After “The Golden Bachelor” finale, Sutter took to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts. Viewers saw her in the audience with her husband, and “The Bachelorette” star said it was a fantastic evening.

“Oh gosh, what a great night. I am heartbroken for Leslie, though,” Sutter shared.

She mentioned that while she was at the mansion to film Turner’s pickleball date for “The Golden Bachelor,” she “felt a connection with Leslie.” As a result, the two women have stayed in touch via Instagram direct messages “every so often” ever since.

“I actually know exactly, exactly how she feels,” Sutter explained of the aftermath of the split with Turner.

Sutter corrected herself by acknowledging that in her experience on “The Bachelor” with Alex Michel, they never told one another they loved each other. As “The Golden Bachelor” viewers saw, Turner and Fhima did express those feelings to one another.

“The Bachelorette” star also noted that she knows her feelings had not been as deep for Michel as Fhima’s were for Turner. Regardless, Sutter recalled, Michel had told her she was “The One,” and that he would be choosing her, just for him to change course at the final rose ceremony.

“So I know that heartbreak. I know that pain and my heart just goes out to her,” Sutter noted.

In a separate Instagram Story, Sutter praised Fhima for how she “conducted herself so respectfully” while facing Turner. “She was unapologetically herself, and I’m proud of her for being like that. I think everyone should be,” the former “Bachelorette” shared.

Sutter added that she was very excited for Turner and Nist on their engagement, though. She also noted that Nist is “a sweetheart.” In another short post, Sutter showed Nist and Turner kissing at the end of the episode and she added text that read, “I love love.”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Fans Have Fhima’s Back

Reddit and the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, lit up as they watched Fhima navigate the heartbreak from Turner. She clearly had a lot of support.

“Love Live the Queen,” read a meme shared on X by one supporter. The poster noted this was in response to Fhima telling Turner, “I don’t know if I accept your apology, but I understand it.”

“Now let’s see a reality show called ‘The Golden Bachelor; Reckoning Day’ where Gerry has to face Faith and Leslie’s families again,” quipped another viewer.

“Everyone should take notes on how this QUEEN has so eloquently expressed her emotions and feelings to Gerry,” tweeted another fan.

“Leslie has had probably the realest reaction of any runner up in Bachelor history. I don’t blame her,” suggested someone else.

“Well Leslie, I don’t think you are missing out on much [to be honest]. Don’t settle. Find the one who’s right for you queen,” a Redditor wrote.

Another Redditor started a thread on “The Golden Bachelor” subreddit and titled it “A Note to Leslie.” That person wrote, in part, “I’m proud that you were able to demonstrate your strength as well as your vulnerability. You are a wonderful woman.”