Gerry Turner Gets Motors Running With Throwback Photo

Gerry Turner Motorcycle

Heavy/ABC Gerry Turner shares fun motorcycle throwback.

Gerry Turner is the first “The Golden Bachelor” lead for the Bachelor Nation franchise, and fans have fallen in love with him. On Thursday, November 30, fans will finally get to see who he picks and learn how he is doing now. In the meantime, Turner took an opportunity to share a fun throwback photo that got fans buzzing.

On November 20, Turner took to his Instagram page to share an old photo of himself he had come across. The post was a big hit among Bachelor Nation fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner Revealed a Love for Motorcycles

On November 20, Turner shared a photo on his Instagram page that showed him sitting on a Harley Davidson motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of a house. He did not provide a date referencing when the photo was originally taken. It did appear to be from a fair number of years ago, though.

“The Golden Bachelor” star had sunglasses perched on top of his head and he squinted as he looked toward the camera. As a couple of fans commented, it appeared Turner was also wearing a Hooters T-shirt from the restaurant chain along with jeans and boots.

“You are the coolest person I’ve ever met,” a comment from “The Golden Bachelor” Instagram page read.

Show host Jesse Palmer added, “Bad to the bone!” Turner seemed to get a kick out of Palmer’s comment and added, “ha!” in response.

Turner’s father Wayne spoke to Missouri’s Courier Post in August and mentioned they both loved motorcycles. “I rode a motor cycle; Gerry and I rode all the way down the Smokey Mountains together,” he recalled. “When I got to be 82 and turned my cycle in, he turned his in, too,” the 92-year-old added.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Fans Loved Turner’s Photo

Quite a few fans of Turner and the show gushed over him in the comments section.

One fan commented, “Love everything about this post, from the motorcycle to the t-shirt!”

As charmed as some “The Golden Bachelor” fans were by Turner’s throwback look, at least a few others seemed to prefer how he looks now.

“Looks even better, today,” one fan noted.

A fan of “The Golden Bachelor” on Reddit asked, “How did he age backwards?”

Another added, “Way to show the world how great the Baby Boomers are!!!”

“The way Gerry is hottest at his current age is kinda crazy,” suggested another Redditor.

“The silver fox. The OG of the dating world. I hope I’m as attractive as you when I’m in my 70’s,” someone else gushed.

“You seem to be the entire package,” noted a different “The Golden Bachelor” fan.

“He’s like the vampire dad on Twilight that doesn’t ever age,” suggested a follower.

Several “Golden Bachelor” fans mentioned that Faith Martin rode in on a motorcycle on the first night of filming. As viewers saw, Turner and Martin built a very strong connection, but he blindsided everybody by eliminating her after her hometown date.

“So how could he have sent Faith home??? He made a mistake,” questioned a commenter.

Someone else pointed out, “Looks like Faith’s entrance to Golden Bachelor!”

Heading into the November 30 finale of “The Golden Bachelor,” Turner is down to just Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima. Palmer has teased that the finale will be deeply emotional and heartbreaking, but spoilers have signaled there is a happy ending ahead.