Theresa Nist Shades Other Contestants as ‘Boring’ Self-Promoters

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Instagram (Theresa Nist) Theresa Nist with Gerry Turner and the other contestants.

Theresa Nist has liked a series of Instagram comments that shade other contestants as boring self-promoters and that make other negative comments about them.  Some comments she liked elevated her over the other woman, including a comment that said Nist “out-classed” the other women.

Nist’s social media page has given clues about her feelings toward the other women. She liked one comment that was particularly harsh to Leslie Fhima, the other finalist. That comment, made on a November 1 post on Nist’s Instagram page by @lindacut2927, said, in part, “Faith is definitely too young for him 8 yrs his jr…Leslie acts like a teenager…tattoos…a hip hop rapper😱” Nist was one of 25 people that liked the comment.

Meanwhile, Fhima’s son, Elijah Fhima, has liked an Instagram comment dragging Nist’s connection with Turner, and Fhima liked a comment saying there would be something wrong with Turner if he doesn’t pick her.

Among the comments, which were made by other people to Nist’s Instagram page and then liked by Nist, are those referring to other “Golden Bachelor” contestants as self-promoters and, in one case, a “boring baking influencer.” In addition, Nist liked a comment critical about Leslie Fhima’s question to Gerry Turner, in which Fhima asked when he last had sex. That comment also called both Fhima and Faith Martin “needy.” She also liked a comment that said she “out-classed” the other women on the show and that said Kathy Swarts needs to “get a life” because “it’s giving sad fossil.” Nist thanked the writer of the “sad fossil” comment.

kathy swarts

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Nist responds to a comment on Kathy Swarts

This comes after it emerged that Nist also liked a comment that appeared to criticize final rose competitor Fhima as “drama.”

Nist, a New Jersey widow, and Fhima, a Minnesota fitness instructor, are the final two contestants. The winner will be announced on November 30, 2023. The blogger “Reality Steve” has already posted a spoiler. Although this article will not get into that spoiler, do be aware that some of Nist’s comments, taken together, could give clues about Gerry Turner’s final choice.

Fans will remember that another contestant, Swarts, previously accused Nist of mean girl behavior for supposedly oversharing about her date and connection with “Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner. As it turns out, Nist also liked multiple Instagram comments critical of Swarts and which defended Nist in that drama.

Another fan criticized Nist, however, in a reply to a negative comment on her page, writing, “Teresa is a mean girl so she always likes these posts that are negative toward other women..”

Nist is on Instagram at @theresa_nist, where she has posted about family and the show. She frequently also likes Instagram comments that speak positively about her or her connection with Turner. In fairness, Nist has endured a lot of nasty social media comments directed at her also from fans of the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

In One Comment that Theresa Nist Liked, the Writer Said That She Believed ‘Some Women Are Looking to Just Promote Themselves’ After Looking Through Their Profiles

theresa nist, leslie fhima

ABCTheresa Nist and Leslie Fhima.

One comment Nist liked came in late October and was by a person named @otero.jacq. She wrote on one of Nist’s posts, “I checked out the profiles of some of the ladies, I agree that it may seem sketchy that some women are looking to just promote themselves, but Theresa seems to just be looking for love. I would want Gerry to make the decision that is best for him, and find happily ever after.”

The comment was made on a post by Nist showing her with the other finalists Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin. “wonderful friends, wonderful memories ✨” Nist’s original post read.

theresa nist instagram

Instagram (Theresa Nist)The comment Theresa Nist liked on Instagram.

Theresa Nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist’s like.

Nist was one of 16 people who liked the comment.

In addition, Nist has liked comments that appeared critical of Swarts. For example, during the height of that conflict, she liked an Instagram comment by @b_bubs10 which said, “It’s so disheartening to see a grown woman treat you so poorly. You handled yourself very well, T.”

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Comment on Theresa Nist’s Instagram page.

Nist has also liked Instagram comments giving clues to the final choice. “I was Team Leslie for a hot moment now I think you are a better fit for him. The incamera time together was kept secret so I have a hunch it went very well! #TeamTheresa ❤️” read one comment she liked.

Nist liked a comment in which a comment writer called another woman insecure and envious.

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Comment on Theresa Nist Instagram page

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Likes on an Instagram comment on Theresa Nist’s page.

“I have been rooting for you since day one. I really hate how the show has portrayed you because of the insecurities and envy of another woman. Just know there are so many of us who saw through it all & we love the woman you are. I really hope Gerry chose you in the end & that you are happily awaiting the day you two can be seen together in front of all of America! You deserve the absolute best, 💕” that comment read.

Another comment she liked by @marygraves47 reads, “I’m rooting for you Teresa you and Gerry make such a cute couple, and I was very saddened how Kathy treated you… good luck.” Nist also liked a comment by @garrengrandma that read, “So glad Kathy went home…she was bad new from the start!” presumably meaning to say “bad news.”

Theresa Nist Also Liked an Instagram comment Referring to a ‘Boring Baking Influencer’

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist Instagram page comment

Nist also liked a comment by a user named @ellenium.hunt on Instagram. It was made in November on a post by Nist showing the mountains of Costa Rica.

“Took me a minute to figure it out, but you are the best match for him, at least objectively from our perspective. Not sure I could handle the fantasy suites thing where you play sisterwives and share the dude on alt nights. Your dedication says you’re in it to win it, not to be another boring baking influencer lol.”

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist like on the baking comment

The Instagram comment writer does not attach a name to the “boring baking influencer” swipe. However, Leslie Fhima was the only other contestant who was in a fantasy suite with Turner. In addition, Fhima has shared baking recipes on social media.

On November 7, 2023, the site Bachelor Nation shared a story headlined, “EXCLUSIVE: ‘Golden Bachelor’s’ Leslie Shares Her Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert and Tradition!” That story was about Fhima.

“Fans are getting to know Leslie on Season 1 of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and now, the fan favorite is sitting with for an exclusive chat about her favorite holiday foods and traditions,” the story said.

The comment on Fhima supposedly acting like a teenager says in full:

Leslie is 64 yrs old and Faith is 61 yrs old…
one of them should be the Golden
bachelorette with a younger bachelor…
Gerry is 72 yrs old and will really need to use Leslie’s walker in a few years 😂😂😂
11 years is a big age difference… Faith is definitely too young for him 8 yrs his jr…Leslie acts like a teenager…
tattoos…a hip hop rapper😱
Im sure they would appreciate Bachelor Nation picking an age group of men bet 55-65 yrs old for them!
If he thinks with the right head
Teresa is the one for Gerry!! 🌹

Here is a screenshot of Nist’s “like” on that post:

nist comment like

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Nist comment like

Theresa Nist Liked a Comment That Criticized Leslie Fhima’s Question About Sex

theresa nist

InstagramTheresa Nist page comment

Nist also liked a comment that criticized Fhima for her comment asking Turner when he last had sex. That comment came on a post Nist made to Instagram with a picture of her riding a horse in Costa Rica with Turner.

theresa nist instagram comment

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist Instagram page comments

The comment read:

HOWEVER, out of the remaining Ladies, THERESA is more of wife material for Gerry. Gerry clearly has it hot n heavy for Leslie and only they know what she touched during the hot tub date. They have SEXUAL CHEMISTRY, but seem to LACK any substantial relationship attributes. Leslie’s idea of ‘real conversation’ was to ask when Gerry last had sex🙄. Theresa REMEMBERED that Gerry preferred the right side of the bed! But when he slept with Leslie, he defaulted to her preference. Consideration, mutual care, and RESPECT weigh MORE than an orgasm. I believe JOAN would have been a good choice of WIFE material, but that’s a moot point. If Gerry chooses Leslie over Theresa, I think he’s making a mistake. Theresa would take care of his emotional and physical needs. She appears to possess a high level of emotional intelligence. She’s not as needy as Faith or Leslie. Theresa is a TRUE nurturer, and a caregiver. HANDS DOWN. #TeamTheresaNOW

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist’s like on the “out-classed” comment.

Nist also liked a comment on the Costa Rica post that read that she had “out-classed” the other women, “I hope & pray y’all are now a couple. But remember no matter what, you out-classed everyone with your grace, charm and genuine persona. If not Gerry, God has someone special waiting in the wings. ♥️”

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