Former Bachelor Fan Favorite Says She’d Consider ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

ABC Peter Weber and all the contestants of 'The Bachelor' Season 24

Madison Prewett’s relationship with Peter Weber was over before it ever really began. But the former Bachelor contestant said she wouldn’t necessarily rule out a second shot at love with another appearance with the franchise.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Prewett said if she was offered a spot on Bachelor in Paradise she’d take time to consider the opportunity.

“You know, I think before I even went on this last season of [The Bachelor], it wasn’t something I pursued,” Prewett said. “It wasn’t something that I sought after. It was kind of an opportunity that was brought to me. And when it was, I really took time to pray about it and talk to my family about it, and to make sure that it really felt like something I was supposed to do. When I had a peace about it, I felt good about it, and I went for it.

“So I would really say that anything Bachelor related, and honestly just anything in life, any time there’s an opportunity that’s presented to me — especially a big one like that — it’s about really taking the time to pray about it, talk to my family about it, before I make any decisions going from there.”

Prewett, 24, was one of the final two contestants on season 24 of The Bachelor, but elected to leave the show on her own accord, due mostly to Weber’s intimacy with other contestants. After he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, Weber reversed course and broke off the engagement to try and win Prewett back, despite his mother’s vocal disapproval. That lasted just a couple days before Weber and Prewett announced a split.

In the time since The Bachelor, Prewett was spotted on a date with Denver Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr., but there’s not much evidence the relationship went any further than that. Her hypothetical consideration of Bachelor in Paradise looks like evidence that she’s still single and on the hunt for love.

Madison Prewett Wishes the Best for Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan

Not long after Weber’s chaotic love triangle ending to The Bachelor ended with all three parties heading their separate ways, he began dating fifth-place finisher, Kelley Flanagan. Prewett says she’s happy that the pair have found a fulfilling relationship together.

“I see them from afar and they seem so happy and so in love,” Prewett told Us Weekly. “I’m really, really excited for them. They were both two people that were very special to me in that season of my life. And so, I still just wish them the best and I’m just very excited for them.”

In the time since the show ended, Prewett seems to hold no grudges. She told Us Weekly that she still regularly talks with “pretty much all the girls” who she competed with for Weber.

Who Would Madison Prewett Pick on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Prewett’s steady adherence to a personal moral code and her strong faith proved to be a sticking point in her relationship with Weber. If she made an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, she’d presumably be on the hunt for a man with whom sees eye-to-eye about her faith. Those men could be few and far between in the Bachelor franchise

When she was asked by Us Weekly if she’s been keeping up with The Bachelorette, she said just sparingly and that she only has a vague idea of what’s going on this season. So there probably isn’t a man on the cast who has caught her eye so far.

But don’t be surprised if ABC tries to get Prewett, one of their more popular contestants, back on the air with Bachelor in Paradise.

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