Maria Georgas Spoilers Reveal How Far She Gets on ‘The Bachelor’

maria georgas

ABC Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon.

Maria Georgas has been the focal point of attention on Joey Graziadei’s first few episodes of “The Bachelor.” But how far does Georgas make it on the show? Does she win?

Stop reading this article if you don’t want spoilers for this season of “The Bachelor,” including whether or not Georgas wins.

Two contestants, Sydney Gordon and Lea Cayanan have teamed up against Georgas. It all started when Georgas made a comment to a third contestant, Madina Alam, that upset Gordon. Georgas maintained she was just trying to tell Alam that she shouldn’t worry about her age in a positive sense.

Since then, both Gordon and Cayanan have been trying to fill Graziadei’s ear with negative ideas about Georgas. On the February 12 episode of the show, Georgas rushed off the set crying, leaving fans to wonder whether she returns.

So does Georgas return? If so, how far does she make it on the show? Does she win?

Here’s what you need to know:

Maria Georgas, Sydney Gordon, Madina Alam & Lea Cayanan Were the Focal Points of Controversy on the Show

sydney gordon

GettySydney Gordon with Joey Graziadei.

As fans who watched Monday’s episode know, Graziadei took both Gordon and Georgas on a two-on-one date with only a single rose at the end of it. At the end of that date, Graziadei, unable to sort through what was really happening between the two women, decided to give Georgas the rose, saying he had a stronger connection with her.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Alam was speaking nicely with Georgas as the two had decided to just move forward. This upset Cayanan because she and Alam were friends with Gordon before Gordon was sent home. Alam made it clear that she did not appreciate Cayanan’s comments. She later explained to Georgas what happened. Georgas, upset that another contestant was upset Alam had been nice to her, then broke down in tears and fled the set.

However, according to Reality Steve, Georgas does return. However, she does not get the final rose.

Reality Steve Has Revealed How Far Maria Georgas Gets on the Show in a Major Spoiler

maria georgas

ABCMaria Georgas.

Now for the major spoiler. According to Reality Steve, Georgas makes it into the final four women. However, she is then cut after the hometown dates.

If you want to read the final three women’s names and who Reality Steve believes will get the final rose, you can see all of his spoilers here.

Reality Steve has been wrong in the past, but he’s also been right a lot and, on this, he seems certain. Georgas does not get the final rose, but she makes it pretty far in the competition – and all of the women who have been critical of her, Gordon, Cayanan and, to some degree, Alam, are sent home before Georgas.

According to Reality Steve, Graziadei visits Georgas’s hometown in Canada, but she is eliminated right after the hometown dates. Reality Steve has not given a reason for the elimination, including whether the earlier negativity affected Graziadei’s choice in any way.

On social media, Georgas has a lot of defenders in fans who think she has done nothing wrong and the conflict was exaggerated.

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