Were Matt James & Heather Martin Together This Week?

Matt James and Heather Martin.

ABC/Getty Matt James & Heather Martin.

Matt James still has two weeks left until his season of The Bachelor finishes airing on ABC. However, eagle-eyed fans have been watching his every move on social media, trying to figure out whether or not he’s engaged, dating someone, or single.

Since he’s given some hints about a woman in his life on Instagram before, it wouldn’t be out of the question for that to happen again. And, based on what he posted on Tuesday, it just might be.

James took to his Instagram to share a video of himself skateboarding at a place called Sandlot Times, located in San Clemente, California. A couple of hours later, Heather Martin — who showed up to meet James mid-way through his season of The Bachelor — posted that she had just grabbed a drink from Banzai Bowls.

That particular hotspot is also located in San Clemente, California. And, in case you were thinking that Martin may have been at another Banzai Bowls location, she actually added the geotag for San Clemente.

While it’s unclear if the two were together, the two were at locations about seven minutes from one another around the same time.

Warning: Bachelor spoilers below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Martin Lives in California

It’s not at all strange that Martin would be handing out in San Clemente, since she actually lives in California. She is based in Carlsbad, which is about 25 minutes away. However, James does not live in California. According to Parade, he still calls New York City home.

It’s important to note that James and Martin were not actually seen together, so, if they were hanging out, they did a great job at hiding it. One Instagram user wrote in to the account “Bachelorette Windmill” to confirm that James was spotted, but that Martin wasn’t with him — at least while he was at Sandlot Times.

“Matt was right by my office in San Clemente today… I didn’t see Heather,” the source said. “But the bowl place she was at is decently close to where Matt was. San Clemente is a tiny little town,” the social media user added.

Martin Follows James on Instagram & so Does Her Mom

A quick Instagram search and fans can see that Martin follows James. She is not listed amongst his followers, however. One fan was also quick to notice that Martin’s mom also follows James — and so does her sister, Colie.

To be fair, Martin’s mom also follows former Bachelorette star Dale Moss. Colie follows a couple of former Bachelor stars, including Colton Underwood (her sister was on his season) and Ben Higgins.

Martin and James have a mutual friend in common: former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. It was Brown who felt that Martin would be a good match for James, and she wanted to set them up. It didn’t really work out on television, mainly because James had already developed strong feelings for some of the other women who had been there longer. He ended up sending Martin home the same day that she arrived.

Interestingly, Martin was asked to be a part of the Women Tell All special that aired on Monday, March 1. However, as previously reported by Heavy, she was pretty much “scrubbed” from the episode. Fans saw her sitting on the stage, but she didn’t get any air time.

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