Michael Allio & Danielle Malby Share Sweet Sentiments, Secret Meetup Photos After ‘BiP’ Finale

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio

ABC Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio attend a "Bachelor in Paradise" event.

During the finale and reunion show for “Bachelor in Paradise” season 8, viewers watched as Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby made big decisions regarding their romance. They did not get engaged while in Mexico, but they did decide to continue their relationship in the real world. For the first time since filming ended over the summer, Allio and Maltby were able to share updates with fans, and the updates were great ones. After the reunion episode aired, they both shared sweet posts on Instagram that had people swooning.

Here’s what you need to know:

Danielle Maltby Embraced 6 Months of Growth & Love

Maltby posted a video montage on her Instagram page showing lots of behind-the-scenes moments she spent with Allio since filming “Bachelor in Paradise.” She also included a lengthy caption to go along with the video that showcased “the last 6 months in 60 seconds.” Maltby began, “When I was first hit with the full force of you that night on the beach- it was like seeing the sun after months of gray skies.” She added that “Warmth and light radiated from you” and noted “it’s just WILD how much we have grown” since first meeting six months ago.

“You are the easiest to love. You are solid, unwavering, passionate and safe. You are my favorite place to land,” Maltby added. The video included lots of smiles and snippets of the couple hiking, traveling, and hanging out at home together. Allio commented on Maltby’s post, writing, “Omg! This is so sweet. Tearing up over here. What an amazing journey! And to think it’s only just begun.”

Michael Allio Referred to Maltby’s Love As Magical

Allio shared two photos on his Instagram page, and he also included an emotional caption. He described Maltby as “A most beautiful gift that I’ll never feel quite worthy of but one that I’ll never take for granted.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star added that the kind of love Maltby offers is magical, and he considers himself lucky.

“As we look into our rear view with a smile and anxiously await what lies ahead, I now know for certain, I’m glad to be walking down this road less traveled with you,” Allio added. He also noted it was “Time to light a fire with the love they left behind,” referring to the former partners both Maltby and Allio had previously lost.

During Tuesday night’s “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion show, Allio told Maltby that he loved her for the first time. She was flustered, but touched by it, and the couple revealed she would soon move to Ohio where he and his son live. She won’t be moving in with them right now, but this will still be a significant step forward in their relationship.

Many “Bachelor Nation” personalities and fans commented on both Allio and Maltby’s Instagram posts, gushing over the couple. Some of their fellow “Bachelor in Paradise” cast members jokingly referred to them as mom and dad as they wished them well, and both social media posts received thousands of “likes” and supportive comments.

“The happiest I’ve seen you!! Love this love. YOU deserve it all!!” gushed Vanessa Grimaldi on Maltby’s post.

“Nobody deserves this more than you. So happy for you both,” added Caroline Lunny.