Bachelor Nation Fan Favorites Host New Podcast

Bachelor Nation announced the launch of its third official podcast.

THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images Bachelor Nation announced the launch of its third official podcast.

On January 11, Bachelor Nation’s newest official podcast will premiere. Talking It Out, hosted by fan favorites Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, will join the franchise’s previous lineup of Bachelor Happy Hour and Click Bait.

“Mike and I, we wanted to bring two diverse individuals with different backgrounds together to explore all kinds of uncomfortable topics and unconventional viewpoints and thought-provoking conversations about love, relationships, family,” Abasolo told E! News.

“I love the name Talking It Out because that’s exactly what we’re going to do—talk it out every single episode,” added Johnson. “It’s not a Bachelor podcast, it’s not strictly a relationship podcast… It’s going to be a podcast from the male psyche. That’s what we’ll bring to the table.”

Talking It Out will make history as the franchise’s first podcast hosted by two men of color. Promising to tackle uncomfortable conversations, this podcast comes after the dating competition was praised for tackling racism, addiction, eating disorders and mental health throughout the last season of The Bachelorette.

Abasolo opened up to E! News about how their diverse backgrounds will be an asset. He said, “I think it will definitely set us apart—both of us being minorities in this country, coming from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings.”

Not only different backgrounds but the two men are in different stages of life. Johnson currently lives the single life in Austin, Texas while Abasolo is married to Bachelor Happy Hour co-host Rachel Lindsay.

“We both have a lot of experience when it comes to love and relationships. I’m in a marriage, I have a lot of experience in the dating space in my past.” the chiropractor elaborated. “Mike, he’s going to be an intimacy coach. I think we’re both going to bring our own unique perspective to the table. And, of course, we have the common bond of going through this amazing social experiment between men and women being part of the franchise.”

Johnson, an Air Force veteran, revealed he approaches love similar to the way he is approaching this new venture. He said, “I think of relationships kind of how I think of this podcast – Bryan and I are in different parts of the country, but we make it work thanks to technology.”

Johnson admits he is currently focusing on his work, believing in the adage, love “comes when you least expect it.”

Fans first met Abasolo when he appeared on and won Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. Johnson appeared on Hannah Brown’s season before traveling to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise.

This Will Be Bachelor Nation’s Third Official Podcast

Johnson specifically said this was not a Bachelor podcast, but it still falls under the official Bachelor Nation mantle.

Premiering in 2019, Bachelor Happy Hour was the franchise’s first foray into podcasts. Each week, Lindsay and co-host Becca Kufrin breakdown the show and interview the stars of the franchise.

Following in their stead, another Bachelorette Tayshia Adams along with Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker host Click Bait, a podcast dedicated to breaking down pop culture.

“Mike and Bryan’s podcast will be unlike anything Bachelor Nation has heard before,” promises the podcast’s official description. “The pair will dive deep into uncomfortable topics while sharing unconventional viewpoints that will prompt thought-provoking conversations about life, love, relationships, family, and everything in between.”

The Podcast Has Already Released a Trailer

Johnson and Abasolo provided a taste of what is to come on their podcast during its first trailer.

“So, let me tell you a little bit about our podcast,” said Johnson. “We’re going to be talking about anything and everything with relationships.”

Abasolo interjects, continuing the show’s breakdown, saying, “We’re going to be getting into all sorts of topics that have to do with relationships, whether it’s our relationships with others, lovers, family, career — or our relationships with ourselves: mind, body, and spirit.”

The Miami-based Abasolo continued, “We’re bringing on a diverse range of guests, from celebrities to athletes to experts to authors — anyone you can think of — to help give advice, get advice, and, most importantly, push ourselves to think outside the box.”

New episodes will air every Monday.

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