‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Hints a Season 9 Couple May Be Reuniting

Bachelor in Paradise Couple

Heavy A season 9 "Bachelor in Paradise" pair may have reunited.

Season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise” disappointed many fans with the quick splits of all the couples who left the beach together. However, one former cast member has suggested that one of those couples may be giving their relationship another shot.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brayden Bowers Teased He’d Heard a Pair Has Reunited

During the February 26 episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast, season 9 “Bachelor in Paradise” star Brayden Bowers dropped a big hint about the situation.

The teaser came about halfway through the podcast.

Bowers casually said, “I’ve heard rumors through the rumor mill, though, that there might be other couples that might have been working out.”

Mandrell jumped in, adding, “You’ve heard it here first.”

The reunion tease came after some talk about Bowers and Mandrell’s relationship. “Almost Famous” co-host Ben Higgins teasingly suggested that Bowers and Mandrell should be considered a “Bachelor in Paradise” couple.

Technically, they aren’t, as she didn’t join season 9. The two met after Bowers left Mexico and the now-engaged couple connected via Instagram private messages.

Fellow co-host Ashley Iaconetti mentioned that Bowers proposed with a Neil Lane ring at “The Golden Wedding,” suggesting they essentially are a “Bachelor in Paradise” couple.

Higgins pointed out the lack of lasting couples from season 9 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” He joked that the franchise may have wanted to lump Bowers and Mandrell’s romance in there as a success story since everybody else split right away.

Iaconetti tried to get Bowers to spill the beans after his big teaser, or at least provide some hints. He didn’t dish out any additional scoop, though.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 Had 3 Couples Together Heading Into the Finale Airing

Bowers’ comments on the “Almost Famous” podcast got fans talking. Was he referring to one of the two previously engaged couples from season 9? Could it have been a pair like Aven Jones and Kylee Russell, who dated after filming but split days after the finale?

Russell announced the split while revealing Jones had been unfaithful in their relationship. She then appeared on Nick Viall’s podcast “The Viall Files” on January 23 to discuss the split. She admitted the door to a reunion might still be open.

Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant left Mexico engaged but announced their split after the finale. They definitely are not reuniting, though. Isichei has debuted her new boyfriend via Instagram and their relationship seems to be going well.

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock also left “Bachelor in Paradise” engaged. They, too, announced their split almost immediately after the finale aired.

Given how Bowers worded his teaser, it could also be a less prominent pair from “Bachelor in Paradise” that is testing the romantic waters again.

As fans may remember, Michael Barbour and Olivia Lewis hit it off but split before the finale. In addition, Aaron Schwartzman and Samantha Jeffires had some sparks flying, but she had to stop filming due to a medical issue. Another brief pairing involved Sam Picco and Peter Cappio.

While the couple reuniting could be someone else from season 9, fans seem to suspect one pair in particular.

Bachelor Nation Has Theories

The reunion topic generated lots of discussion in “The Bachelor subreddit. The possibility of Russell and Jones giving romance another shot seemed a top guess.

After “Bachelor in Paradise,” Russell moved to San Diego, California. That is where Jones already lives, so they wouldn’t have to date long-distance again if they were to reunite.

Fans didn’t seem to love the idea of that couple getting back together, though.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them. The way she was talking about it on the Viall files… she definitely left the door open and would be open to working it out if he “does the work” 🙄,” one Redditor suggested.

“I mean, the heart wants what it wants but Kylee this man humiliated you,” another Redditor cautioned.

“Omg I’d rather it be Kat and John Henry,” someone else noted.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just here for the mess,” admitted a separate commenter.

Another comment read, “Ew. Aven probably just thinks that if he smoothed things over with Kylie, people won’t think he’s trash, and she’s just insecure enough to let him pull something like that.”