‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 3

Chris Harrison, Ashley Iaconetti, and Matt James

ABC Chris Harrison, Ashley Iaconetti, and Matt James during a date on The Bachelor.

After episode two of The Bachelor ended with a cliffhanger (as most episodes of the show do), it’s finally time to see the remainder of the second rose ceremony in episode three.

The previous episode ended with Sarah Trott — fresh off the heels of her one-on-one date — nearly passing out at the rose ceremony. Previews have shown Trott at the center of more drama in episode three, so it’s safe to say she makes it through the rest of the night just fine.

The bigger mystery surrounding the rose ceremony is who will be headed home.


Will Marylynn Sienna Be Sent Home?

'Queen' Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna

ABC/Craig Sjodin‘Queen’ Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna are feuding on season 25 of ‘The Bachelor.’

Some Bachelor sleuthing accounts said that four women would be eliminated at the end of the second rose ceremony: Alana Milne, Ileana Pennetto, Khaylah Epps, and Sydney Johnson.

That no longer appears to be the case — at least not for all four. Photos from episode three show Epps on a (risqué and uncomfortable) group date along with nine other women. That could still mean the rose ceremony spells the end for Milne, Pennetto, and Johnson, but now there’s room for a mystery woman to get the boot.

Between the women we know are on the group date in episode three and the ones who got a rose before episode two ended, there’s seven who could still be on the chopping block. Along with Milne, Pennetto, and Johnson, there’s still Kristin Hopkins, Mari Pepin, Marylynn Sienna, and MJ Snyder who could be headed home. Of those women, Snyder has appeared in promos that shows her on dates that haven’t happened yet, so it’s safe to say she’ll survive episode three, as well.

That leaves a strong chance that Sienna is headed home after she butted heads with Victoria Larson. Matt James appeared to take Larson’s side and it certainly won’t be a popular decision with America if he chooses to send home Sienna.

Sarah Trott Crashes a Date & Stirs Up Drama

Sarah Trott and Matt James

ABC/Craig SjodinSarah Trott hugs Matt James on their first one-on-one date of ‘The Bachelor.’

A one-on-one date will go to Serena Pitt in episode three, but the drama of the episode will revolve around Trott. After getting a private date of her own in episode two and a little medical attention during the rose ceremony, Trott isn’t done getting time with James.

In a clip posted by Good Morning America, Trott is shown crashing the afterparty portion of a 10-woman group date.

“I just feel emotionally exhausted,” Trott is shown telling cameras. “It like kills me to think that he’s having these special moments with other women too. I just like worry if I like can’t get this past this, it’s really going to be a roadblock in my relationship with Matt. And now I feel like I should do something about that.”

Trott decides that something to do is to interrupt a conversation Katie Thurston is having with James. Things soon get really awkward when Thurston (at the urging of other women, including Larson) — returns to take back her time with James.

There likely won’t be a rose ceremony at the end of episode three, but Trott’s struggles could be the beginning of the end for her, as some — including @mattchelor.nation — say she will self-eliminate at some point during the season.

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